Splash Park Adventures

I took Javan to an amazing splash park yesterday. The splash pad itself was small and simple, which worked wonderfully for my kiddo who doesn’t love water in his face and doesn’t love water “surprises” like huge buckets being poured at odd intervals directly over his head. It also had a huge playground with a pretend firetruck (his favorite thing!), the swings from Ambucs for bigger handicapped kids…the ones you can really sit back and relax in for HOURS while Mom’s arm does all the work pushing, a motorcycle with a sidecar, tunnels, it had EVERYTHING! And the best part was: it wasn’t overly crowded!

Javan had such a blast on the splash pad. He conducted a few trial and error experiments on how to keep water out of his face….He’s very logical. What’s the best way to keep water out of your eyes? Close them! He soon found that running around blindly led to collisions with other children and occasionally with benches,  so he switched methods. All of the water was shooting up out of the ground, so if you walk forward, it shoots directly into your nose, but if you walk backwards your body blocks the water and your face is safe! Again with the collisions. But this time he didn’t really notice them, because when you’re moving backward and you bump someone with your butt, you don’t fall down and you don’t get hurt.  I said things like: “You have to pay attention where you’re going or you’ll knock the other kids down!” Didn’t register. “Look where the other kids’ bodies are before you walk backward!” None of it really worked. But in retrospect, if I had said, “Be a trash truck driver and look behind you so you don’t hit any cars!” he probably would’ve gotten it.

I thought for sure that his blending in with the other kids was over when he found a jet of water and stood directly over it, so, well, you know. I thought, “Oh, no. Now they’re gonna see that he’s different and laugh at him and then he’ll get mad and hit and there goes this perfect morning.” A minute passed, and to my surprise, they kind of liked his idea. If I had only had my camera I could show you a perfect shot of the backs of three boys standing together with jets spraying directly into their nether regions. Wow. Guess he’s not so different after all.


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