To Pee, Or Not to Pee?

I’m going to start this post on a positive note because I feel a major gripe session coming on. We recently purchased the Kinect for XBox and it is amazing! It keeps Javan engaged for sooo long, especially Kinectimals where he can play with and train his pet tiger, Pascal. The best part is, I think, that it is good practice for him to move his body in a semi-coordinated fashion. Aspie kids often have trouble with balance, motor planning, and understanding where their bodies are in space. This is the perfect therapy! I wonder if I could get an insurance reimbursement… Anyway, even if your kiddos (or you) are super coordinated and buff, the Kinect is really good exercise, too! I’m actually sore!

On to the gripe session. You had fair warning. You know how annoying it is to get stuck behind a really loooong, really slooooow train? Maybe you have to get to work or you have ice cream that needs to go into the freezer. Well, that’s how I feel about the potty train. How freaking long can a train be? There’s got to be some kind of federal regulation on actual trains…but not on potty training. If I counted by months, our train would be approximately 42 cars long…and no caboose in sight! The kid is almost 5 years old, for goodness sake. And he just stands wherever he happens to be at and pees all over the place. It’s disgusting, and embarrassing, and I don’t know how much longer I can take it. We won’t even talk about the poop in the pants…I’ll just say that if I had the money back for every pair of Spidey underwear I’ve thrown away, I could feed a small country for a month.

Not only is he nearly 5, but he’s big for his age. So when people, mainly kids but adults too, see him in a pull-up, they ask why he’s wearing a baby diaper. Often, this question is directed at him. Do we really have to add insult to injury? Really? I mean, I don’t go up to fat people and ask why they still have baby chub. I’ve tried everything. Rewards. Punishments. Praise. Ignoring. When will this end?

One good thing about this situation is that it reinforces the decision I have made to put Javan in a very small school setting next year. He really doesn’t need teasing and bullying added to the long list of daily annoyances he deals with.


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