Best Buds

I just have to share what a spectacular day we’ve had today. The few episodes we had today involved Javan wanting to play outside in the 100+ degree heat…and Mom not going for it. But overall, we had a most amazing day! Javan played happily on his own while I got to do actual housework! We went out for breakfast this morning (at McDonald’s, but still) and met a dear friend of mine and her boys there to play. Her oldest son, Gabriel, is about a year younger than Javan and they haven’t seen each other much these past couple of years, mostly due to my son’s aggression. He’s always done the worst with kids near his own age and size. But not today! They were hanging out like best buds. “C’mon, Djrabiel, let’s play!” Music to my ears. And he was so sweet and protective of Gabriel’s little brother, Rhys-i-pooh, who is 2. What??? I can’t help myself, I love babies! He even gave away the quarters that he’d found on Daddy’s bathroom counter this morning – one for every kid until they ran out…even the kids he didn’t know. One thing I’ve learned about my son – he has a very giving heart.

Then we came home for yet another housecleaning spurt. He did so great! He watched Toy Story 3 and ate popcorn (which he did dump all over the place, but eh). He loved on the dogs. He cuddled with my sweaty worn out self. I told him today that he was the sweetest, most obedient, loving boy I’d ever known. And he was.

To top the day off, Javan’s Grammy and I took Gabriel, Rhys, and Javan to Kid Station this evening while the boys’ parents did some flooring work at home. The whole way there, Javan and Gabriel held hands. And smiled. And laughed. And Rhys told us about his shoes. A lot. And while we played at Kid Station, which was not crowded at all on a Friday night, probably due to the fact that the AC was out, Javan shared food and drinks and tokens and even his beloved Grammy (and Mommy, too), all without jealousy or resentfulness! All with a smile on his sweet little face! He had a moment near the end when he told us it was time to go. Now. And boy, when that child is ready to go, he does mean NOW! But Gabriel wasn’t quite finished spending all his tokens, so Javan had to wait. He found a small, quite space behind a video game, and sat their patiently (for a four year old at least) until he was ready to come out again. Then he was fine, and we went home soon anyway. On the way to drop the boys off at their house, Javan even let Gabriel hold his new prize water-gun that he’d bought with his tickets.

The best part is, I think for the first time in Javan’s life, he thinks he’s a good kid. He thinks he’s kind and loving and a good friend. I was afraid that we’d pass the window of time when that thought would be impossible to achieve. If he was always in trouble and always thought he was bad, then no amount of medication or therapy or love could ever change that in the future. But if he thinks he’s a good person, then he will be. And he is a good person.


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  1. Tamryn
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 22:16:14

    If you could see my face you would see a BIG smile after reading this blog – this sounds like a day that will go down in history and always touch your heart – and hopefully be an encouragement on those days when things are so rough. Krista – you are such a great mom, and I love how you care so much about who your child is, his heart, and just getting to know him and loving him for who he is.


    • bipolaraspiemom
      Jul 22, 2011 @ 22:53:48

      Thanks, Tamryn. I may need someone like you to remind me to reread this post when I have another rough day down the road. 🙂
      Let’s get together and play while your hubby’s away!


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