A Gift of Healing

I don’t have anything really deep to share, but what I do have to share is encouragement. I went to the library a couple nights ago, BY MYSELF, which was really nice. I was sorting through tons of books to find just the right ones for our homeschool unit on frogs. The fact that I ended up with 17 is irrelevant. And no, not ALL of them were about frogs. One was a DVD about how to listen and one was a book called “It Hurts When I Poop.” Oh, the varied joys of motherhood.

While I was there, the children’s librarian who does weekly story time and has seen Javan coming in and out of there for years smiled her sweet smile and said, “Hi, Mom.” She has one of those smiles that make you feel warm and loved. But her words were what really went right to my heart. She asked where Javan was and I told her he was at home with Dad and I was having a night out. I may have expressed gratitude that he was not with me so that I could take my time and not chase after him. “You know how he can be,” I said.

“Yes, but I love him anyway. I just love my Javan hugs!”

Oh, how I needed to hear that! And from someone who is in no way obligated or even expected to love him. In fact, from someone who could easily justify not loving him. She doesn’t know about Javan’s autism or bipolar or any of his history, although she probably suspects “something’s different.” She could easily join the ranks of those who heave sighs of relief when we leave on a bad day and then gossip to others about my poor parenting and my spoiled brat of a son. But she didn’t. She spoke love and encouragement to me. She told me he is valued for who he is.

Words are small things. But they are so strong. I am renewed with the desire to encourage other moms. Ones whose story I don’t know. Ones whose children misbehave and embarrass them and might be viewed by others as “just bad kids.” I will not judge them. I will go out of my way to encourage them. Because that chance encounter you have with someone might mean nothing to you and everything to them. Words can be gifts of healing.


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