War Dawn

I’ve been planning a blog post ALL DAY and this is NOT IT. Just as I was putting the child to bed, he knocked my former blog plans right out of my hands and filled my hands instead with this confusing muddle of…something. I’m hoping to get this ooey gooey post out soon so I can start on the REAL one I meant to write, but this one insists on being written first.

The thing is, I think he’s trying to communicate something really BIG to me, and I think I’ve almost got it, but it’s hanging just outside my peripheral vision and I can’t quite make it out. Maybe you will get it and you can show me the missing piece. Especially if you love Transformers.

First, please, read this: http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/War_Dawn

After a few bouncy search hits, I think I’ve found that this is the specific episode of Transformers that brought on this discussion. I know that I need to watch every ounce of television that Javan watches, because it is so often used as his method of communication. But, I’m just not a fan of Transformers. I’d much rather be on Facebook or cleaning or…using the bathroom uninterrupted. Or anything other than watching Transformers. I’ll have to watch this one with him tomorrow.

Okay, so what brought this on? I was praying with Javan tonight, a time that he does not particularly relish because he doesn’t understand God’s character. But rather than his usual “just listen respectfully until the prayer is over and say Amen” approach, he seemed more aggressive in his need not to hear or feel God tonight. He made fists and crossed his forearms over his face while I prayed and told me he was “x-ing” God out. So I asked a few gentle questions and come to find out he was mad at God because “the Bible isn’t true.”

Ok, so after many more questions (and at this point I was super surprised that he was still openly communicating with me) he told me the reason he believed that. Apparently he was teleported to the past last night to the time when the Decepticons captured the Aerialbots and the Autobots were being people-ized. I hope I remembered all that right, it was a confusing conversation. God, who looked like Optimus Prime but wore red clothing, told him that the Bible isn’t true.

Okaaaaay…well, so we talked about the possibility that that was really a dream. He was very reluctant to admit that was a possibility at first. But we talked about the likelihood that he was actually teleported to the past versus the likelihood that he had a dream, and reason won out eventually. We talked about how dreams use little bits of things we know from all over different parts of our brain to make up stories that don’t always make sense. And that when we’re awake, we can make the information from our brains fit together in a way that makes more sense.

Ok, did you read the wiki article about the War Dawn episode of Transformers? Does it not give you the chills that my son is relating this to biblical truth? I would have never in a million  years thought to use this material as biblical analogy, but it does line up kind of nicely with the idea of the fall of the angels and the battle between good/evil, God/Satan, angels/demons doesn’t it? Is it possible that there is a real biblical truth issue that my son is struggling with that stems from his conscious or subconscious understanding of the parallels between the Bible and this one episode of Transformers? And if so, what is it? What am I missing?


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