Psychiatric Hospital, Day 4

Last night’s visit was the best. He was so happy and energetic! And he didn’t get any time outs all day. He reported that he played a game of hoop ball in the gym – a game that he made up and played by himself.

He was even up for playing a game with us while we visited. He won a game of Connect 4 with Dad and lost a game to me.  He did at least 20 running bear hugs with Dad, where Dad sits in a chair across the room and Javan runs at him and jumps into him full body as hard as he can, ending in a tight bear hug squeeze. I love seeing his joy in this activity and knowing that he’s getting both some much needed sensory input and some real heart bonding with his daddy. His anger flared up again when the  nurse came to tell us our time was up,  but he reigned it in and behaved like a big boy!

On the way down to the parking lot. One of the other moms we’ve befriended told me that her daughter reported that she and Javan were the two kids behaving the best in the school portion of the day. According to her, the teacher, Ms. Joy, referred to her as “Ms. Quiet” and Javan as “Mr. Good.”

I didn’t hear from the doctor yesterday,  but we have a family session with the therapist today, so hopefully I will have some real information to share soon. I did get to talk to the management about the decision to combine units, and as expected it was a purely financial decision on their part because census is down. When I reminded the lady I was speaking with that it was the hospital’s position that he would benefit from the lesser stimulation of the smaller unit, she tried to tell me that the larger unit is actually quieter because its extra space means it echoes less! Um, no. 16 kids will never be less stimulating than 5 kids. Ugh.

Today’s family session means we get to see our boy twice today! Yipee! We’re on our way right now!


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