The Psychiatric Hospital, Day 6

Today was so hard. Japheth wasn’t able to concentrate at work. He called me and couldn’t even speak. I asked him if he wanted me to come up to his office and he was able to say yes. So I threw on some clothes, grabbed a few frozen breakfasts, and headed out the door. When I got there, I just held him until the tears stopped. We ate breakfast and he tried to begin working again, but it just wasn’t working out. I took him home and we slept. The entire day. We just slept. Grieving and worrying are just eating the energy right out of us.

Our visit tonight was a little better than last night. Javan was happy to see us and again spent much of his time giving running bear hugs. His happiness seemed more level and not as overly energetic as it was last night.

Several things about our visit did leave us feeling concerned. We noticed marks on his neck and when we asked him about them, he said they were from being held down while his blood was drawn. We weren’t even made aware that that was going to happen today. We’ve held him down countless times for blood draws. We’ve never left a mark. Why should the professionals be less adept? He also told us that one of the other kids made him give him two of his three stuffed pokemon and said if he didn’t give them to him, he’d tell the nurses that Javan had been talking to girls and he’d get in trouble. We had him talk to a nurse about it and they’re going to sort it out.

The most concerning thing though was two notes that Javan had written. They said, “Hospital, we will destroy you,” with some misspellings that I don’t remember, and on the back were “No Hospital” signs. When I asked him who was “we,” who was going to destroy the hospital, he told me about his team. It’s a team of kids who have undergone specific testing to prepare them for demolishing buildings. They had to be able to punch through walls and jump through hoops to pass the tests. I gave the notes to the nurse and told her to make sure the doctor sees them tomorrow and can talk to him about this specific delusion. Maybe this will show the doctor that there’s a lot more than impulse control issues going on here.

Leaving him tonight showed every promise of being a repeat of last night’s events, but we saw his anger escalating, saw him growl and lunge at the nurse, said our goodbyes very quickly, and promptly left. No time for a meltdown. My brother just texted me – Javan used tonight’s phone time to call him – and told me he sounded really good.

If all goes as planned, Javan’s medical team plans to release him Friday afternoon. I’m nearly as excited to bring him home now as I was when he was born!


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