Psychiatric Hospital #2, Day 2

We just got a call from Javan! He sounded so good! He said he’s had a pretty good day. In true Javan fashion, he began by confessing his daily imperfections,  of which we instantly absolved him. His trespasses? He interrupted twice. Son, if that was the worst behavior shown, I count the day a miraculous success.  Way to show self-control! We are truly proud of you!

The next order of business on his agenda was to ask us if the chosen movie for the evening, Harry Potter, has too much violence for him to watch. I am ashamed to admit my failure as a nerd by telling you that I haven’t seen the first Harry Potter in *mumblesanumber* years and I have no idea about the violence content. I looked it up on common sense media and it rates as appropriate for the average seven year old. In an ideal situation we would have previewed it first before consenting to let him watch it, but since we’re really trying to make the best of a situation that is anything but ideal, we told him to go ahead and watch it with the understanding that if any part made him scared or uncomfortable he was to ask for a quiet side activity to do on his own. He seemed satisfied, and I avoided becoming “that mom” on his first day there.

As a completely unrelated side note, I kind of was “that mom” last night, just a little bit, when I went over all his medications with the nurse and gave her all his vitamins along with instructions for use. I mean, ok, he takes a lot of vitamins, and they took that in stride and with a smile. But they also let me know that we were the first parents to ever bring their child vitamins at this hospital,  which was strange since the last hospital said the very same thing. Am I the only one who finds that surprising and a little odd? Does giving my kid daily vitamins make me super crunchy? I mean, I have friends who are a lot crunchier than me and I kind of admire their crunchiness, but I’m not used to being seen that way.

Anyway, I’m so grateful and impressed that the hospital staff at Dallas Behavioral Hospital took our concerns about movie content seriously. He told me that the nurse had prompted him to ask me about the movie before popping it in. Every nurse, tech, and staff member we’ve interacted with has been respectful, confident, and knowledgeable. This hospital really feels like a good fit for us. I hope the rest of the night and tomorrow go as well for him as today has and I can’t wait to see him tomorrow evening!

P.S. We’ll be wandering aimlessly around the DeSoto area tomorrow after we check out of the hotel at 11 until visitation at 6. If any friends in the area wanna hang for a while, count us in.

P.P.S. Since they’re charging us a day’s rate at the hospital for beginning the admission process at 9:30 p.m., even though he wasn’t checked in fully until 1:30 a.m. the next day, this totally counts as day two.

P.P.P.S. I said pp. That’s funny right there.


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