Psychiatric Hospital #2, Day 3

I got a call from Javan’s group therapist this morning. She said he was doing really well and hadn’t had any behavioral issues so far. She said that he was really shy at first, but as he heard the other kids talk about their similar struggles he gained confidence and participated in parts of the discussion. The only issue she saw was that he gets too close to people when he talks to them, so she talked with him about boundaries.

Our one hour visitation this evening went really well. While we waited to see him, the day nurse came down to tell us that there have been no negative behaviors at all today and that Javan was working super hard to do his best. When we saw Javan, he was hyper and delusional, but happy. He seriously never stopped moving.  Visitation was in the cafeteria and our family was seated at a 3 foot square table, which Javan circled counter-clockwise practically the entire time. He talked mostly about the Kids’ Destruction Program. He’s the leader of his team and they’re there in the hospital with him. While we were there, he threw his team, who was in the ceiling vent, a grappling hook so they could come down into the cafeteria. Not only do they have a plan in motion to destroy all hospitals, send all the children home, and imprison all doctors, but now they also have their weapon in hand. He drew me a picture of said weapon.


The picture is of an ancient magical necklace. Its ancient owner wanted to use it to destroy the world, but only succeeded in destroying half. During this time, he killed 300 people and enslaved everyone else. We’re unclear on how his power came to an end. The necklace has been guarded ever since by an army of skeletons armed with swords. Javan’s team was able to defeat said army, survive all the booby traps including the “killing lasers,” and bring the necklace to him in the hospital.

The beads are ancient beads, attached to the necklace with “ancient super glue.” The lines below the beads aren’t actually part of the necklace,  that’s the magic coming out of them. The green bead is The Element of Destruction. The black bead, The Element of Dark Magic. The blue bead, The Element of Light Blue Magic. Together, they’re called the Elements of Destruction. There is also a heart at the top because this picture was his gift to me.

We know that this delusion and any accompanying hallucinations are very loosely based on an episode of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” called “Daring Don’t.”

See Episode Description Here

You will see some similarities, but he’s really taken this one and ran for it. I have no idea how much of this he is relaying to his doctor. I really hope to hear from his doctor tomorrow.

I wrote this as we drove the two hours to our home. It feels so wrong to leave your child in a hospital so far away. I’m hoping to focus the next two days on doing the massive amounts of housework that never get done when all my energy is usually focused on caring for him. On top of that, I have a few new daunting challenges to complete: locking up all our kitchen knives and scissors, and weeding through his toys and our other household items to get rid of the things that could be easily used to hurt others. At least I have plenty to keep me busy until our next visit!


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  1. Jenny
    Aug 22, 2015 @ 16:23:20

    Very interesting blog. Found it while I was googling EEG strangely enough. I can relate to the Aspergers part as my brother has Aspergers but the bipolar part sounds like it’s very challenging to deal with. I wish you luck with your son!


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