Days of Rest

The last two days have been good days. We upped Javan’s ADHD medicine, and until his body adjusts to the higher dose he’ll be tired. Too tired to get into much trouble. He had loooooong naps both days. I had long naps too. The laundry can wait! We also upped his Lithium tonight, so between the two medicine increases I’m guessing he’ll be pretty lethargic for 2-3 weeks. As his energy returns, we should get able to start seeing if these medicines will stabilize him enough to avoid returning him to the hospital long term to find a new solution.

Yesterday we did about 1/3 of a day’s schoolwork before he started nodding off over his spelling words. After nap, I took him swimming at his grandparents’ house – his all time favorite sensory activity. You’ll never see him happier than when he’s in a pool. When my husband asked how the day had gone, I said “okay.”  He replied that “okay” is really something to celebrate right now. That bit of wisdom gave me the positive perspective that I needed.  He’s right. “Okay” is stellar!  Javan was on yellow yesterday, so he got an episode of My Little Pony and a chapter of a Pokemon book before bed. He went to bed nicely and didn’t call, bang on the walls, make himself throw up, or get out of bed, so he advanced to green this morning! That would have gotten him a sweet cache of benefits had he been able to retain his green status throughout the day.

Instead, he kicked the dog this morning, dropping him to yellow. Then he kicked me during math, dropping him all the way down to red. Bummer, Dude. We still went to lunch with my Dad, but Javan was so tired that he slept all the way there (we live 30 minutes from anywhere), was groggy while we ate and talked, slept all the way home, and then took a four and a half hour nap. I’m trying not to feel guilty for enjoying these restful days by reminding myself that I’m not drugging him so that I can rest. I’m drugging him because I’m trying to help him have the best quality of life possible. The rest I gain from his need to physically acclimate to the meds is ok to enjoy.

After dinner, we tried a new thing we’d like to add to our evening routine – family sensory time. We played with dried beans along with the beakers, tubes, tweasers, scoops and other pieces from Javan’s favorite science kit. He wasn’t over the top excited about it, but seemed to enjoy participating. Then he decided he was done, so he dumped beans all over the floor. I sure hope those aren’t harmful to dogs. We made him clean up the mess and then practiced what he would say and do differently next time he was done playing with the beans. The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful. My mom came over to visit and she and Javan played with Rescue Bots toys on the living room floor and got in some good cuddles before bed. Again, he went to sleep without incident,  meaning that he will wake up on yellow and have the chance to work toward green throughout the day.

Here’s hoping he can have a green day! I’m trying to help him get to green so he can enjoy the benefits and see that he CAN do it. I want him to feel proud for having good or even “okay” behavior.


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