Hospital Stay #3, Days 2-3

Our visit last night was refreshing. We’d been so worried about Javan since we left him at the hospital, but during our visit he was happy and conversational. My mom and brother were able to visit him with us and Javan was excited to see them, too. As always he was highly energetic and moved around a lot, but he was much more in touch with reality than he’s typically been on previous visits. He was able to focus on topics of conversation and reply to questions and comments with appropriate responses. He did tell me that his team (the kids destruction team) was there in the air vents, but he didn’t interact with them or show other signs of hallucination while we were there. A nurse came in during our visit and had me sign a consent to start him on a new medication and she did tell me that he’d been hallucinating some during the day, but she was unsure what the hallucinations had been as she had only been on shift for a few hours.

Javan brought a large stack of papers with him to visitation. It was all the drawings he’d created throughout the day. The unanimously favorite creation he brought in was a harmonica he’d made by folding paper into the shape of a harmonica and drawing the holes on it. This he slid through his mouth as if he were playing a real instrument while humming tunes from Rescue Bots. He’d also fashioned a paper tool that looked like a pointed wrist cuff and shown us how that was his Rescue Bots “power up and energize tool.” Here’s a picture he drew of our family:

Our Family

Our Family

And here is a picture of a plan he’s hatched:

Javan's Plan

Javan’s Plan

I’m in complete awe of the organization this chart displays. After much questioning and conversing, we were able to discern the plan’s intent. The rows  A, B, and C outline the three stages of the plan. In row A, in column 1 is a scribbled out mistake, in column 2 is a bucket, in column 3 is slime, and in column 4 is a rope. In row B, in column 1 is the door of our house that Javan will sneak out of at night, in column 2 is a scribbled out mistake, in column 3 is the window that Daddy will sneak out of at night, in column 4 is a sledgehammer, and in column 5 is Mommy in the bed with a bucket of slime tied above my head and set to tip should I awake and try to get out of bed. In row C, in column 1 is Javan and in row 2 is Daddy holding a sledgehammer. They’ve snuck out of the house together to do some nocturnal archeology, busting apart rocks to find rare gems and other treasures. What a plan! His mind constantly amazes me.

When it was time for us to leave, he hung his head and was obviously sad, but did not cry until after we’d gone. The nurse said he had a hard time going to sleep because he missed Mommy and Daddy so much.

Javan didn’t bring any drawings to tonight’s visit, but again he brought his smile and hugs and kissed for us and my mom and brother. He called the session to order by serving everyone drinks. He said he’d had a good day and played basketball by himself in gym, where he made ten baskets. He wasn’t really into talking about his day, but I was able to get him to tell me that he had art therapy and saw his hospital psychiatrist today.

We brought him a Jake and the Neverland Pirates journal and stencil which he immediately set to work using. I also brought some workbooks for him to do during school time, and I had written encouraging notes from us and family members and friends on about half the pages. When I gave them to the nurse, he said they don’t really have school time and they can’t make the kids do schoolwork, but they can encourage them to do it during their free time.

He visited well again tonight, gave Daddy and Uncle CJ some running bear hugs and high fives, and gave Mommy and Grammy lots of cuddles and kisses. We all thought he was trying to get us to play Duck, Duck, Goose when he walked around out table touching us each on the head and saying “duck,” but then he surprised us when he said, “Duck, Duck, Duck, KISS!” and kissed Daddy on the cheek making us all laugh with him. Sweet little trickster.

He had a much harder time with us leaving tonight. About five minutes before our time was up,  he started making angry faces and grabbing handfuls of our clothing and insisting that we were NOT leaving. The nurse had to call the head nurse in to assist with Javan while he let the other families out and took the other kids back up to their rooms. Javan had grabbed Daddy’s sunglasses and wouldn’t give them back because without them we wouldn’t be able to leave. Then he grabbed the neck of Daddy’s shirt with both hands and when the nurse pried him off he quickly grabbed a plastic fork from the dispenser and tried to stab him in the face with it. We got the sunglasses, gave him quick goodbye kisses on wet cheeks, and left quickly to the sounds of his lamenting.

I called the nurse about an hour later and he said he was back to being himself again. He’d cried for a while and then gone back to drawing before bed. He was still awake in his bed when I called. I hope he can sleep soon and that his heart can find peace and strength to get him through this.


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