Hospital Stay #3, Days 10-11

Our visit last night went much better. Javan laughed and played with us nearly the whole time. He didn’t seem angry much at all, beyond refusing to take his medicines. I cherish the memory of that laughter and the look of peace and joy on his face. His favorite game last night was to lay on the floor and stick his legs up for Dad to hold. Dad would then push him back and forth on the floor while he just laughed and laughed in delight. He was wearing an Under Armor shirt, which is tight and slick, so he was getting some pretty good sliding action. He thought it was hilarious when I told him he was a mop and Daddy was mopping the floor with him. He did get anxious towards the end of the visit and got aggressive and I told him if he was going to hurt us we would leave. I ended up having to follow through with that which was really hard,  but we only had maybe five minutes of visitation left anyway.

During the day yesterday, I called everyone I could think of calling at the hospital to figure out if Javan was going to be discharged today or not. The only reason I knew that was even a possibility was because I had called our insurance company and they said last night was currently his last covered night, but they had no way of knowing if the doctor would put in for additional days or not. No one at the hospital even seemed to know that discharge was even a remote possiblility. So we drove the two hours home, getting home around midnight, so my husband could go to work today.

Today I got a call around noon telling me he was being discharged today. I let the discharge coordinator know how upset I was that we’d driven home late last night just to have to turn around and go back today, especially after I’d made every attempt to obtain discharge information yesterday to no avail. She said that in the future I can always call the “utilitarian review committee” to obtain that information. How was I supposed to know that? None of the nurses or other staff referred me to them. And that name doesn’t even make sense anyway. The utilitarian review committee sounds like some sort of communist organization. Only communists are usually more organized.

So we’re making the drive to pick up Javan right now. I am so happy that we’ll finally get to really be with him and have him home. I just hope he’s stable enough that we can all be safe and happy together. We won’t be doing any kind of school this week, and I’m not really sure what school will look like when we do resume. Probably just the 3 R’s for a while so he can catch up and so that there’ll be as little pressure on him as possible.

Wish us luck!


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