Back to Basics

Well, the new school schedule got thrown out the window pretty quickly. Getting Javan to do even the simplest schoolwork, like writing the number 8 or even just watching an animated math video, was like pulling teeth. It was causing too much anxiety and friction, so I shelved it.

I’m not sure what’s going on with mental/emotional stability/instability right now. I’m hoping recent behavioral changes are due to a cold Javan caught last week. He’s been angrier, more defiant, and more aggressive. Again. Not the major scary aggressive, just annoying aggressive. It doesn’t help that I caught his cold, making me a pretty energiless and impatient mommy for a time. I did take him to the doctor, who encouraged me not to give cough medicines, probably because of the insane amount of psych meds he’s on, but when apple juice and honey weren’t enough I caved and gave him the cough syrup anyway. The kid could hardly breathe, was throwing up due to coughing so much, and couldn’t sleep. It’s possible that the cough medicine interacted with his psychiatric meds making him less stable.

Hopefully we can get back to better days soon. For now, I’ve been researching other curriculum options and have found one that I hope we’ll like better. We did a sample lesson a few days ago that Javan enjoyed and he’s agreed to give this one a try. It looks very hands-on and active, just like my boy. Lucky for me, you can buy nine weeks of lessons at a time, so if it’s a flop I’m not stuck with another full-year curriculum that didn’t work for us. I looked closely at the different levels and gave a short assessment test, and Javan placed squarely at the first grade level. It’s hard for me not to feel like I’m failing him when I’ve been homeschooling him for over four years and he places at the first grade level. But I have to keep confidence that he’ll progress when he’s ready. He has a developmental delay, not an inability to develop.

That’s all I got for tonight. I’m getting better each day as far as kicking this cold to the curb, but it’s still harder than usual to gather and express my thoughts. I keep thinking, too, is this how Javan feels about communicating all the time? It’s frustrating to have to spend so much energy just on verbal (or written) expression. Now I get why he’s always saying, “I hate talking!”


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