Hospitalization #5, Days 2-3

Well, the stars didn’t align. Why do they keep refusing to do that?

We just got to the hotel after a two hour family session. This is the first hospital therapist we’ve seen who was a good listener and was actually willing to go out of his way to help his patients and their families. I was disappointed to learn that he didn’t feel that long-term care at this facility would benefit Javan. Basically, the program won’t help Javan because he’s not cooperative enough to learn anything from it. He also doesn’t possess the understanding of cause and effects that would motivate him to choose better behavior. He didn’t think a residential mental health placement is appropriate either. He thinks that our best bet would be to place Javan in a residential facility for autism, where he would probably live for a year or two before being ready to come home. There, they could work with him on thinking skills like cause and effect and work on appropriate social skills.  He’s willing to call Javan’s regular psychiatrist to get his input and even help me find a residential autism center. While I agree that this is probably the best idea for giving him a chance at life, it terrifies me on so many levels. Financial. Emotional. Financial. Wait, did I say that one already? As I’m typing this, my stomach is tying itself up in knots and I have a headache that hasn’t left me since we admitted him.

Javan wasn’t super cooperative for most of the family session. He seemed tired to me and I got some sweet cuddles. Towards the end, he did talk with the therapist some and even set two goals for behavior when he gets home. Goal number one: No aggression for one week. Maybe even two or three. And for every week he doesn’t show aggression,  he gets to go to Books-A-Million and pick out a new book. I’m totally down with that. Goal number two: be nicer to Rosco. He told the therapist that his “Rosco Baby was his best pet.” That was actually the best cooperation I’ve ever seen between Javan and a therapist.

I like this hospital. Riverview Behavioral Health care in Texarkana, Arkansas.  Javan isn’t happy there and says he doesn’t like the nurses, but he isn’t happy at any hospital. I do miss the nurses from Dallas Behavioral. But there are a few things about Riverview that make me feel it’s more child-friendly. They only allow G-rated movies. A huge plus for us. Instead of a color system where red is bad and green is good, they use a cutesy animal level system that progresses through frog, cat, turtle, and bear with more rewards and privileges the further you progress. They can also earn points to be used at a points store at the end of the week.

So Javan will likely come home sometime next week. I don’t know how much I can get figured out by then. I have some sweet friends coming to help me clean the house one day next week and another who’s offered to collect frozen meals for our family. I don’t know how all this is gonna work out. But I do know that my friends and family have formed such a wonderful support system for me that I’m going to be ok. I’m going to be okay. I’m going to be okay. I’m going to be okay.


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  1. lklivingston
    Nov 08, 2015 @ 20:29:48

    You are going to be ok! I will pray for clarity and provision.


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