Hospitalization #5, Days 4-5

We got to see our Sweet Boy yesterday. After being wanded down and led to the cafeteria, there was some confusion. Javan wasn’t there. A little boy who looked to be about five or six was there, but his parents weren’t. His name was Jaylon. Instead if telling him his parents weren’t coming, the nurse said, “I guess your mom isn’t here yet,” and took him back upstairs. His mom wasn’t coming. Poor kid. Apparently Jaylon had also been sleeping with Javan’s favorite blanket from home and using Javan’s toothbrush, which thankfully was brand new. Come on people, really? That’s what last names and ID numbers are for.

We spent two happy hours with him, playing card games like war and Uno, reading a Winnie the Pooh book, and just visiting. He was supposed to sit on the opposite side if the table from us, but that didn’t last long. We needed each other’s cuddles and the nurses let it slide. The nurses had been unable to get him to take his medicines that morning nor had they been able to get him to complete basic hygiene tasks, things he fights at home as well. So we talked to him about those things. I hope he’s showered and brushed his teeth since then.

I held him close and told him how very much I loved him, to which he responded, “Then why would you leave me in such an awful place?” I tried to explain. I always do. But he can’t understand.

I didn’t hear anything today, which means nothing too bad happened. I hope I’ll get an update tomorrow as far as progress in stabilizing him on the new medication combination and possible discharge information. For me, tomorrow will be a day full of researching services and how to access them and doing housework. Fun stuff.


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