Hospitalization #5, Days 9-10

The nurse called yesterday morning to get my permission to start Javan on a new medicine called Haldol. Well, it’s really an older medication that they only use with difficult to treat cases, but it’s new to us. As in, they’ve finally recommended that he try something he hasn’t been on before. After researching Haldol, I’m feeling pretty hopeful that it could help. I’ve never read information on a recommended drug that sounded this likely to help before. My husband had the same feelings. It’s actually FDA approved for children over 3, whereas many of the medications we’ve tried in the past were only approved for use in adults. It’s used primarily to treat schizophrenia and the list of behaviors it treats is spot on for the behaviors Javan presents.

Here’s a link from Stanford Medicine detailing the drug if you’re interested in learning more: About Haldol

I also received a call from Javan’s hospital therapist yesterday afternoon telling me that Javan was having a much better day. He had no time outs and no behavior incidents and, in fact, the therapist wanted to relay a positive incident. After lunch, Javan told the therapist that he had gotten “all fueled up now” and he began doing karate chops in the therapist’s face. But then he stopped himself and apologized without prompting and moved his karate chops into an open area where no one would be hurt or feel threatened. That’s a pretty big deal and it felt really good to hear. The therapist said that unless something happens to make the doctor change his mind, Javan should be discharged on Monday. Just three more days.

Javan called us last night for phone time. He sounded miserable, tired, and depressed. He doesn’t like anything or anyone there and refuses to even go to the gym for physical play. He loves movies, so we asked him if he’d seen any good ones lately. He said no, they were too scary. So I asked him what movies he’d seen that he didn’t like, just trying to get him to converse, and he said “all of them.” Well ok then.

I called to check up on him tonight and the nurse said he still needs a lot of redirection, but seems to be doing some better. I can’t wait to see my little boy tomorrow for visitation!


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