Hospitalization #5, Day 11

We just left the hospital after having the most wonderful visit imaginable. Javan was so happy, so himself. We both agree that we haven’t seen the real Javan since before August, before his first hospitilization. But we saw him today! I’m awestruck at the change in him and I pray it stays around for a long, long time.

We decided to bring his service dog, Rosco, with us to see him because Rosco always cheers him up. Although it isn’t a legal requirement, we called the hospital first as a courtesy to let them know Rosco would be coming. Boy, it’s a good thing we did because they had never had a service dog brought before and the management put up a fight. It’s a good thing my husband was up for the fight, because I just wasn’t today. First we were told no and when he told them it was illegal to deny us access based on the presence of a service dog the manager asked condescendingly, “Wellll, do they allow him in hospitals?” Well, yes, in fact they do. Take that, meany head. He then consented to allow Rosco in, but not in the cafeteria with the other families. Instead, he put us in the gym, which turned out to be the coolest thing ever.

It was just us with an entire gym to run and play in! There was no “you must sit on opposite sides of the table.” There was no table! We played basketball, kickball, and threw a football. Javan did the longest running bear hugs in the history of running bear hugs. He loved putting Rosco in down-stays, running across the room, and then calling Rosco to him for treats. Rosco gave gim tons of kisses and cuddles and neither dog nor boy could have been happier. We played Pokemon cards on the floor and when he started getting sleepy we all lie down on the floor together and laughed our heads off as I read him a favorite Winnie the Pooh book.  Then we cuddled on the floor until visitation time was over.

I would be completely shocked if he isn’t discharged Monday. I told the supervising nurse to please tell the doctor thank you for giving us our boy back. I love him so much.


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