Continued Progress

He’s been home for two and a half days, and I think he’s doing very well. He’s still shown anger outbursts and slight aggression, but both have been minimal compared to before and he’s been able to stop and gain control over himself when reminded those behaviors aren’t appropriate. The medicines haven’t even gotten all the way into his system yet, so I’m hopeful that those negative behaviors will continue to diminish. He’s also been lethargic at times, which is how he typically responds to new medicines, and he’s had quite a hefty appetite.

It’s always interesting to me to see little changes in him after he comes home and know that’s something he must’ve heard or learned at the hospital. Remember, since he’s homeschooled and doesn’t spend much time away from me, hearing things he’s picked up elsewhere is a unique experience for me. Little moments that catch me off guard, like when Javan heard his Daddy’s footsteps approaching the closed bathroom door and he called out, “Occupied!” Or when we were creating a loose morning schedule together since we’re ditching school for the rest of the year, and this conversation happened:

Me: How about we do Toy Time for 30 minutes?

Javan: That isn’t nearly long enough! How about old 500?

Me: 500 minutes?

Javan: No. Like old 500 from old 600.

Me: Oooohhh. Like 0500 to 0600 is an hour?

Javan: Yes.

Me: Should we play toys for an hour every morning?

Javan: Yes

I remembered that on the paperwork I filled out at the hospital all the times were entered in military time. He must’ve heard the nurses saying time differently that he’s used to and decided to adopt it. And as I’m writing this, I’m realizing that there is a lesson there on different ways to express the time. I’ll have to remember to explain it to him and let you know what he thinks. I blocked off an hour for Toy Time, but he decided he was done playing right at thirty minutes after all.

It turns out he also came home with the idea that if he had to go to the hospital again, they might make him get a new family. That one had me worried until we discussed further and found the root of his misconception. He said the nurse there hoped that he would never have to get a new family. Apparently some of the kids there were from foster homes and Javan misunderstood the reason why those kids didn’t live with their mom and dad anymore. He thought it might be what happens if you get sent to the hospital too many times. We explained to him that he would never have to get another family for needing to get help at a hospital and then we explaineed some of the many reasons that children are orphaned and fostered or adopted. We told him that the only reason he would ever not live with mom and dad is if we died (he knows about death and we try to be as honest with him as possible), but that even if that unlike event occurred he wouldn’t have to go live with strangers. He would go live with his aunt, uncle, and cousins who he loves dearly and who love him dearly. He got a bit wobbly-lipped at the idea, but decided that was a good plan and then got a big Daddy hug for reassurance.

Tomorrow morning we have a follow-up visit with his regular psychiatrist so we can discuss how he’s doing. I plan to ask him if we can combine dosage times on some of the meds so we can cut down on the number of times each day Javan has to take medicines. The discharge orders had five dosing times daily, but I cut it down to four because that’s crazy. I’m going to see if we can get it down to three. With the battle that medicine-taking can be, the less often the better as long as it doesn’t effect results of course. I can’t wait for his psychiatrist to see and hear how much better Javan is doing! He really cares about his patients and hurts with us when our kids are hurting. He’ll be thrilled to hear of Javan’s progress.

Then tomorrow afternoon Javan will begin his evaluations at the school district. I talked to him more about the possibility of going to school while we were on our morning walk. He had wanted to stop by a neighbor’s house and see if their kids wanted to play. I told him, as I have many times before, that all the neighbor kids are at school during the day. I said I think now that he’s getting older he’s really starting to want to be around other kids more and one place he would get that opportunity is at school. He vehemently protested, as usual. Then I said that the nice ladies I’ve been talking to at the school didn’t even think he needed to go to school all day like the other kids, but just a short day. He’d have a short time where he would do schoolwork and get to be with other kids, but he’d still be spending most of his time with Mommy. I said, “I think you might really like it.” And…are you ready for this, he shrugged and said, “Maybe.”  Maybe he’d like going to school?!?! That’s a majorly huge deal! So here’s hoping that his time at the school tomorrow for the evaluation will be pleasant enough to reinforce that idea.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon to let you know how tomorrow goes.


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