Fourth Grade, Day Three

I had to wake Javan up for school today, which was…interesting? Neither of us is used to him having to wake up by a certain time. But he missed his daily nap yesterday and was probably trying to make up for it by sleeping in.

That child has always been amazingly difficult to rouse from a sound sleep. I remember when he was an infant, trying to wake him to nurse. I know, I know, never wake a sleeping baby. And I generally lived by that, but on this particular occasion he’d slept through several usual nightly feedings and momma was ready to burst, so I tried to wake him. I tried changing his diaper, tickling his tiny toes, rubbing his chubby cheeks and whispy hair, even blowing raspberries on his fat little tummy. Nothing. Eventually Dad joined in and it became a giddy, sleep-deprived competition of who can do the funniest thing with/to the sleeping baby and who can wake him. I don’t even remember if we got him to wake up and eat or if it was one of the few times I had to use the dreaded pump of pain.

This morning trying to wake my gigantic nine year old reminded me of that deep sleep state of his infancy. When he doesn’t want to wake up, he’s like…whatever the opposite of a zombie is. Instead of the walking dead, he’s like the comatose living. I turned on the lights, pulled his blankets off, and tickled his feet and tummy, all while singing a loud and annoyingly out of tune good morning song. Even Rosco pitched in, licking his face and hands. We got him to drag himself groggily out of bed to start his day after about ten minutes or so.

There was lots of kicking, hitting, and biting when it was nearly time for the bus to arrive. I have to try to keep him in the living room near the door so he doesn’t run off and hide somewhere that would be difficult to drag him out of. And I have to keep the door unlocked and openable (not blocked by his body). These things make him feel threatened, so he fights me. He screamed the most and the loudest today out of all three days of being picked up. Like, literally, physically picked up off the ground and carried all the way to the bus by Mr. Driver, screaming the whole time for all he was worth, “HELP!!! I’M BEING KIDNAPPED!!!” I didn’t look out the blinds today.

I had planned on doing housework right away, but I was feeling upset after all that, so I treated myself to half an hour of a favorite video game before getting started with chores. I felt much calmer after gaming for a bit. Then I put on some Classical music and did dishes, laundry, cleaning up, setting up a school meal account, dinner prep, and got in some Bible reading, all in peace and quiet! I’m really enjoying this time to myself. Like, a lot.

Javan came home after nearly two hours and I went out to to greet him. As he was getting out of the car, I asked Mrs. Aide how it went. She heaved a sigh, though still smiling slightly, and said, “It was a rough morning.” Apparently, Javan wasn’t able to keep his shoes today because of kicking, and the bus had to pull over twice because he wouldn’t stay buckled. He also threw punches once at school.

Now, on to the positives of the school day! His daily report shows that for reading, he told a story with sequence cards. I love this report because it gives us specific things to talk about concerning his school day. He told me all about the cards and the story he told. First, he put a picture of a dad helping his son build a fish tank. Then, they added water, and then they added a fish. He said first he made a joke that they put the fish in and then the water. He found that so hilarious and he giggled and giggled about it. For computer time, he got his choice of activity, which was, of course, My Little Pony songs, which he says he belted out loudly as he does at home. For sensory, he jumped on the trampoline, rode the tricycle, and bounced on a peanut-shaped ball. For math, he played a cute little file folder game with Mrs. Teacher. It had colorful train cars on it with numbers on them and then there were some train cars missing and you had to put the right train car pieces where they go. The numbers went up to 17. They sent home a picture of him playing that game with her. I can’t share it because Javan forbids me to share any pictures of him, but it was nice to see. He also did a morning worksheet where he had to find hidden hearts in the picture.


I praised him for finding all the hearts, because that looks pretty challenging, and he said mournfully, “Yeah, they wouldn’t let me quit.”

He also spent a little time in his actual classroom today in the sensory area and met some teachers and students. I’m guessing that didn’t go over well. I emailed Mrs. Teacher to ask details about the Valentine’s party tomorrow, and she said it was “a little stressful” for him being in the classroom and that she doesn’t think he’s ready to be around all the children yet. Instead if having him join the regular party, they’re going to do some sort of modified party for him tomorrow before he leaves. I think that’s really sweet that they’re willing to modify even a party for him so he doesn’t have to just miss out on something he isn’t fully able to do. Here are the Valentine’s cards he picked out to give to his classmates and teachers. He put heart stickers on the himself.


After lunch, we laid down for our nap and he slept for over three hours! I guess school is really wearing him out! He had a very moody rest of the day with lots and lots of dramatic crying over things that he wouldn’t normally bat an eye at and lots of anger and defiance. I know he’s had a growth spurt lately and I don’t think that’s over either, so that combined with first week of school stress is wreaking havoc on his system I’m sure. I’m hoping tomorrow goes better for him and that he’s able to relax and decompress this weekend.


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