Finally! A School Update

Ya’ll!  Ya’ll. When I tell you I just haven’t had a chance to blog in forever, believe me. I thought I’d update you over Spring Break, but I suppose I forgot my mind needed a break from writing too. And then Friday of Spring Break, Hubby got kidney stone pain again. It happens every year, but this year was different and so much worse. We’ve never had to use medical interventions before, beyond pain management, but this one was impassable without medical intervention. Three hospital visits, two urology visits, one medical procedure, lots of drugs, and a week and a half later, and things have finally returned to normal. Apparently they now have ways of preventing stone formation that they didn’t have when all this started for us nearly 15 years ago, so maybe this won’t have to be a regular yearly occurrence from here on out. Aaand, why did that last sentence have to make me feel so old? Moving on. So, since I updated you last, Javan has had a week of school, a week of break, and another week and a half of school. So pop some popcorn because I may be writing for a while.

The week before Spring Break was his best school week yet. His mornings were not as difficult, ranging from easy to tolerable, and by the end of the week he actually put on his backpack and happily walked down to meet the bus and got in willingly by himself. I was astonished and Mrs. Aide actually cried tears of pride and joy to see him so happy and ready to embrace the day. Mr. Driver couldn’t believe his eyes either.  He pulled up to my happy, smiling kid, rolled down his window, and said, “We’re looking for a little boy named Javan. Is that you?” Later, when Javan would proudly tell people how he got on the bus by himself, he’d always tell them, “I think I’m getting the hang of this!” He also reported to basically anyone who would listen, including the shelf-stockers at Wal-Mart and passersby in the parking lot, that he actually likes school!

That week they honored Dr. Seuss on his birthday and Javan came home so excited to share his work with me.


The Lorax


The Cat in the Hat’s Hat

He was especially proud of the Cat in the Hat’s hat and when he showed it to me he said, “Guess who helped me make my hat? No one! They already had these cutten, but that was for everyone.” He doesn’t  feel different or less there. He feels just like a normal kid.

His Grammy and Weebo visited him for lunch on Grandparents day and they both told me how great he did. He introduced them to his teachers and friends and didn’t seem over stimulated in the cafeteria. After lunch, Weebo took him to his first book fair, where he picked out two super cool Pokemon books. Mrs. Aide also took him and his classmates to the book fair. She got him a super fun spy phone that opens up and has colored markers in a secret compartment…it doesn’t get much more Javan than that. She also gifted him this book with a sweet note inside:

How sweet is that? These people don’t just do their job. They don’t just tolerate my kid. They pour themselves into him. They go above and beyond every chance they get. I know what a jewel I’ve found in them because I talk to other parents every day who have to fight tooth and nail to get their kids half the services and none of the compassion we’re getting.

He also received his first report card:


Remember that in the Life Skills class, students earn a maximum of 85 in every subject, so these grades are actually really good.  Not that grades matter one hooey to me. But number grades DO matter to Javan, who is fully aware that 100 is perfect. So when I read him his report card I said, “You passed (enter subject here)!” for each subject and watched his face light up a little more with each thing he passed. He knows he’s doing great and that’s all that matters!

Over Spring Break, we mostly stayed home and took it easy (well, until the kidney stone thing). I can tell he’s getting more interested in being social, because every time we go to a store or anything he talks to everyone and loves making new friends. He even did great with a visit from his Aunt, Uncle, and little cousin, who visited him and Dad at Grammy’s house while I was out of town enjoying the Texas Irish Festival. He has historically been unpredictable around his little cousin, especially with Grammy, due to jealosy. But I’m told he did fantastic and even told Grammy (pertaining to little cousin, Addi), that “being small doesn’t make you invaluable.” *heart melts* I don’t know where he picked that one up, but he sure applied it well. The next day, the same aunt, uncle, and cousin visited us at our house for lunch before they headed back home. Javan wanted to make a visual schedule before they arrived, so he dictated this list to Dad:


And before they arrived, he made this unique dream-catcher for his Aunt Jessica and Uncle CJ:


He loves them and doesn’t want them to have bad dreams. Yes, my cat photo bombed the shot, but it’s better than a dog butt photo bomb, which is what I usually get. The visit at our house didn’t go so well, mainly because both kids needed a nap, but one good day outta two ain’t bad.

He’s now been back in school for a week and a half after Spring Break, and unfortunately he’s not doing so hot. We’re right back to him fighting and hurting me trying to avoid going to school, and him having to be “kidnapped” by the bus driver. I emailed Mrs. Angel, the special education coordinator, today and she agrees that although they expected to see some regression after a break, this is more severe regression than they thought they’d see. She agrees with me that we need to consider summer services at this point to prevent this type of regression over summer break. As always, I’m blown away at the willingness of the folks at this school to do whatever it takes to help my child. It never feels like us against them; it always feels like we’re on the same team. I am truly grateful. We got this.


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