Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights from the afternoon:

Highlight #1: This conversation on the way home from the vet:

Mom: Rosco sat on the scales like a big boy and he weighs almost 80 pounds!

Javan: Wow, Rosco, you weigh almost 100 pounds!

Mom: Seventy-nine point something. Three or six, I can’t remember.

Javan: *laughs hysterically* Three and six! That’s only three numbers apart! *laughs more at his joke* Do you know what zero and six are?

Mom: *guesses* Six?

Javan: Yeah! *laughs even more at his cleverness* They’re six pieces apart!

Highlight #2: Javan offering Daddy some of his “onion rolls” from Sonic. He meant onion rings.

Highlight #3: Playing Xbox games and hide-n-seek before bed. We take turns hiding a toy somewhere in the house and tell each other if we’re getting hotter or colder.

Lowlights from the afternoon:

Lowlight #1: Getting physically attacked because Javan didn’t want me taking his dog to the vet for shots. He’s insanely overprotective of his canine buddy.

Lowlight #2: The train-whistle meltdown that occurred when I served Javan’s  $1 Sonic chili cheese dog on a plate instead of in the original cardboard box where it clearly belonged.

Lowlight #3: This picture of where I found our hide-n-seek toy, thus signifying the end of the game:



I hope you enjoyed thelse snapshots of our day!


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