Important and Not-So-Important Stuff

So I haven’t been blogging regularly, but a lot has been happening, so first I’m gonna tell you about some important random stuff that’s happened, and then I’m gonna tell you about some less important random stuff that’s happened. Ready?

Important Stuff #1:

Javan went on his first school field trip this week! The whole week leading up to it, he insisted he didn’t want to go. He even tried to be really bad at school so they’d tell him he couldn’t go. But he ended up doing great! He got to fish, or at least watch others fish. I can’t remember if he actually did it or not. He got to roast hot dogs and marshmallows and make s’mores. He got to feed big ducks and geese and see baby chicks, which he didn’t touch because he didn’t want to wash his hands. And he got to ride a big school bus for the very first time! At first, he was really scared of the big loud bus. He told me when it first started, he threw up and swallowed it he was so nervous. But he did get comfortable with it and it ended up being one of the highlights of his trip. Now, if we can get him extended to full day school, he’s excited to ride the bus home every day. I told him it might be a long bus ride home after school and it’d be quicker if I came and picked him up and, get this, he said he’d rather ride the bus so he’d get to visit with his teachers and friends! Does that sound like winning or what?

Important Stuff #2:

Javan did get on his morning “bus” (which is really an SUV) on his own Friday morning! He knew Mom and Dad would see him really soon to have lunch with him at school and he’d get to come home early with us, so he felt more at ease going to school. It’s been 2.5 weeks since spring break and this is the first time he’s gotten on the bus without having to be “kidnapped.” Please, please let this comfort with getting on the bus continue into next week.

Important Stuff #3:

We had lunch with Javan at school for the first time and it was so reassuring! We arrived early, knowing the havoc it’d wreak on him if we were late, and I got to meet the cafeteria manager, Mrs. Janice. I thanked her for feeding my kid every day and she thanked us for coming up to see him. Then she asked me which kid was mine and I told her Javan. She immediately replied, “I love him.” She said it took him a while to warm up to her, but now he’s so warm and friendly and just really special.

When Javan came in, he ran straight to us for happy hugs. Then he introduced us to everyone he knows, which turns out to be quite a lot of people. He said, “Have you met my friend, Mrs. Janice?” And she got a little teary eyed because he called her his friend. Javan has always had this innate ability to cut through to the heart of people and shine love there in healing ways. I love it when I get to see that. He also introduced us to the three teachers there from his room, multiple students, and the PE coach. Which leads me to

Important Stuff #4:

Javan had his first pull out class this week, meaning he joined the general education students in a class for the first time. He went to P.E. for two days. He told me they did bowling and he didn’t like it the first day because there were so many people and it was so loud and when he bowled his ball went in the other person’s lane and knocked down their pins. Twice. And it was humiliating. Poor kid. P.E. humiliation-worthiness is a trait he gets from his momma. But the second day, Mrs. Aide went with him and that was lots better and they did bowling again.

Important Stuff #5:

Javan helped me vacuum this week. This is important for two reasons. One, I vacuumed. Applause welcomed in the comments section. And two, six months ago, vacuuming when Javan was home was a dangerous task. He would try to take the noise for as long as he could but he’d end up attacking the vacuum cleaner or me or both before the job was done. And this week he was actually using the thing correctly himself! When I reminded him how it used to bother him and how much he’s growing he just glowed with pride.

Important Stuff #6:

After Javan’s field trip, I took him to McDonald’s to celebrate him doing so well. He got a Happy Meal with a super hero car in it. They didn’t have the Green Lantern one that he really wanted, but he settled for the Flash car in good spirits.

On the playground, he introduced himself to a sweet little girl named Taryn. It took him a while to work up the courage to say hi, but once he did they had a pretty long, pretty adorable conversation. They went up into the playground together. Javan usually won’t go up very high due to fear of heights, but he wanted to play with her and impress her. Soon, he was forced to admit that he was scared that the playground would break. Taryn asked him how much he weighs and I heard him respond, “At least 310.” I was waiting for her to laugh or correct him, when she replied, “I weigh 380. Trust me, it won’t break.” From my seat at the table, I just giggled at their sweetness.

Then they came down and had the weirdest, best, most random conversation ever. Javan jumped around from topic to topic and she kept stride beautifully. I couldn’t tell if she knew his communication style was different and she was just keeping pace really well, or if this is really just how children typically communicate with each other, because I really have never witnessed him talking to another child for this long.

At one point, he gave the first, middle, and last name of himself, his parents, and all of his grandparents. I was waiting for her to decide this was just too odd, but she just replied with her full name and those of her parents and grandparents. He told her our pets’ full names and she told him about her pets. Then he told her about his visits to the behavioral hospital. It didn’t seem to freak her out. She told him about the time she had to go the hospital and almost died, but God saved her. He said he doesn’t believe in God. She seemed ok with that and conversed for a bit longer before asking Javan if he went to church anywhere and if he’d like to visit her church. Which leads me to

Important Stuff #7:

He said yes. He wants to visit a church. Javan has such difficulty with the concept of God and with church. We’ve tried different churches here and there in the past trying to find a fit for him, but I try not to push it. I don’t want him to ever feel like I forced religion on him. Instead, I try to make it available to him. I was so surprised to hear him say he actually wanted to try it. So I met Taryn’s mom, who graciously gave me her contact information and invited us to visit their church this Sunday. I don’t know if this will be “the” church for our family or not. But I am excited that he wants to give it a try. That’s progress.

That’s all the important stuff I got for now. So, on to the less important stuff!

Less Important Stuff #1:

I could tell Javan was happy this week, because he “did science.” This is where he puts on his lab coat and plays with tons of containers of water and lots of food coloring to mix in. I could tell he was really happy, because he scienced with a German accent.

Less Important Stuff #2:

While returning the neighbors’ mail that was accidentally delivered to us, Javan noticed they had large gems in a rock garden in front of their house. Then this conversation took place:

Javan: What a waste of gems. A burglar could take them!

Me: Well, a burglar could take anything.

Javan: Well not anything, not police cars, or fire trucks, or school buses, or being with God.

Me: Well…………Yes. You’re right.

Less Important Stuff #3:

While getting ready to go to the store, this conversation happened:

Javan: I’ll get Rosco ready by myself. (And he did, too.)

Me: I’m so proud of you for taking care of Rosco. Give me a hug!

Javan (in a me voice): First, get on your shoes. Then you can have a hug.

Um. I guess I do the first-then reward thing a lot.

Less Important Stuff #4:

On a ride home one day, we drove by the college that my husband and I both graduated from, and upon pointing it out to him, Javan said, “There!? You mean it’s still up!? Don’t you think it’s kind of old!?”

Ouch. That burns.

Less Important Stuff #5:

Javan bought a pair of blue jeans this week, because he noticed it’s what adult men typically wear. He usually wears basketball shorts or sweat pants because they’re comfortable. He tried to wear the pants to school one morning, but couldn’t because they have a scratchy part. He’s sure Weebo can fix it.

Less Important Stuff #6:

Javan knows he’s not supposed to call Mom after I put him to bed. Nice Mommy expires and Mean Mommy awakens after bed time. But this one night, he just couldnt help it. He had something soooo important to tell me and if he waited until morning he was sure to forget. This is what he said: “What do you call an owl wearing an Elf hat?….An Elf Owl! Hahaha hahahaha! That’s a real owl that lives in the desert! Hahahaha!”

This child, ya’ll.

Less Important #7:

We take a mandatory 3o minute rest time in bed every afternoon. Usually it turns into a nap. One afternoon, Javan came up with the idea of asking God for help not letting it turn into a nap. This was his prayer: “God, please make us wake up in thirty minutes with an alarm on Mom’s phone. Just not an Amber alert because I don’t want any kids to get hurt. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Later during that nap, he whispered, “If it weren’t animal cruelty, I’d throw a rock at a soft-shelled sea turtle  to see how soft its shell is. But I wouldn’t want to hurt the turtle.”

And last but not least:

Less Important Stuff #8:

This sidewalk chalk drawing Javan made for me and his Dad:




I said how much I loved the three hearts because there was one for each of us. He said, “No, that one  (left) is for you and that one (right) is for Dad. That (middle) is a fat belly with a big thorn poking it.”

That’s so Javan.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these random important and not so important bits of our lives. Until next time.


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