Mr. Driver

It has been called to my attention that I may have accidentally disrespected someone in my blog who I actually respect whole-heartedly. That person is Mr. Driver, Javan’s bus driver.

Without Mr. Driver, Javan wouldn’t have the opportunity to go to school at all. It just wouldn’t be possible for us to get him to school safely without this particular bus driver who is trained to deal with the physical challenges Javan presents. Not only does Mr. Driver perform this difficult daily task competently, but he does so with joy, compassion, and unwaivering patience.

But I haven’t done a good job of presenting it that way because as a mommy I’ve focused on the pain it brings me to see my baby boy struggling so mightily day in and day out. I’ve focused on how much it hurts me to hear him scream and cry not to be taken away. And I’ve used words from Javan’s perspective of him being “kidnapped,” “dragged to the bus,” and “shoved in the car.” See, I was focused on how the morning experience felt to Javan, but I forgot that in using those harsh words I could be hurting a man who is anything but harsh.

Mr. Driver is not a kidnapper or a dragger or shover of children. He is gentle in spirit and body and faithfully helps my child with the hardest part of his day every day. He never shows frustration or disappointment at being met with obstinance and aggression every single day. He never shows anything but love and kindness to my child and to me.

I am grateful for the presence of this strong and gentle man in our lives, and I adamantly apologize to him for unintentionally misrepresenting him in a false light. I hope he will forgive me.

And to anyone and everyone else that I have ever or will ever include in our written story, please, please come to me and tell me if I have hurt you with my words. I want to know and I want to fix it. Sometimes I get so caught up in my perspective that I might miss how my words can effect others. You are important to me, every one of you. Thank you for supporting us.


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