Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

This Mother’s Day, I’m flooded with gratitude. What kind of mom would I be without the support of my mom? She supports me in ways that no one else ever could.

I’m trying my best to recover from the flu. It hit me long and hard. My husband, who was still recovering himself, cared well for me during the worst of it which luckily coincided with the weekend. Then my son got hit with it too, I was still down with it big time, and it was time for Hubby to go back to work. He could have taken off a day or two, and would have if needed, but his company had just received a lot of new jobs and he would have been completely swamped when he returned. Who stepped in to care for my son and I in our time of need? None other than my mom. She knew she could get really sick from being near us. And she risked it. Simply put, she put me before herself. She always has and she always will. I hope I can do that half as well for my son as she always has for my brother and me.

John 15:13 says this: “Greater love hath no man than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

My mom laid down her life for us when she chose to care for us in our sickness even knowing that if she fell ill it would cost her the next week or two of her own life, spent in sickness instead of health. I can’t even fathom the number of times and ways she’s laid down her life for me over my lifetime. That’s the legacy she builds, what she will be remembered for one day. Her relentless giving and sacrifice. I’m so proud to call her my mom.


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