Field Trip Week

I’ve finally found a few minutes to update. Granted, my first cup of coffee is still in progress and Pokemon is blaring in the background, so bear with me if I seem a little foggy.

I want to start with last Friday. Well, the one before the last one…what is that, last last Friday? Negative 2 Fridays? Friday before last? That last one sounds good. Ok, so we had put together some teacher appreciation gifts for Javan’s amazing teacher and aides, and he was so very excited to give the gifts that he happily got on the bus on his own and had a good attitude about going to school. That’s the third time in three months of school that he’s gotten on the bus by himself. And after weeks of non-stop terrible behavior notes coming home daily, we received this gem:


See the last day!!?? Excellent behavior and an AWESOME day! That is a good feeling.

That Sunday was Mother’s Day, and my sweeties gave me this precious gift:


The wood still needs to be stained and sealed and the mirror set, which is why I took the picture at such an awkward angle. The words say, “May you always see the mother we see in you: Faithful, Cuddliest, Thankful, Comfort, Passion, Kindness, Beauty, Loving, Joy, Trust, Sweet, Patient, and Forgiving.” This is the perfect gift for me and I love, love, love it! They know that I struggle to see myself as a good mom. My inner voice constantly tells me that if I were really a good mom, the housework and laundry would get done more regularly, I’d never yell or use unkind words, I’d never forget things like bringing Javan’s bike to the park or making sure he’s wearing sunscreen, and the list of imperfections goes on and on. The words on this mirror are meant to call that voice out on its lies and replace my thoughts with ones of grace and mercy for myself. My husband and son know better than anyone that I am flawed, and they choose to see me this way anyway. It’s time I do the same. Maybe you too struggle with an unkind inner voice? Maybe you too could benefit from quieting that voice and replacing it with a voice of kindness for yourself.

This school week was a very different one. Javan’s class went on field trips every day but one this week. The general education classes had state testing every day this week, and due to Javan’s disruptive nature he was not allowed in the school building at all. It kind of stings to have the only kid not allowed on campus for the week, but I completely agree with the school’s decision to keep the school free of distraction for testing. And we were still able to join Javan’s class each day by meeting them at the field trip destinations.

Monday’s field trip was Chuck E. Cheese. Coins, games, tickets, pizza, and prizes! What kid could ask for more? He and his classmates had a blast. Tuesday, we met his class at the splash pad. Javan was in heaven. Our town has this huge splash pad with tons of different water features. He splashed and slid and played and giggled to his giant heart’s content. We ran into a little trouble there at the end with him spitting his drink, which he’s been doing a lot lately. He finally divulged the reason behind this odd behavior, which is summed up as follows:

Thanks Pinkie Pie. You’re the best.

Wednesday we met at a small wildlife museum displaying tons of taxidermied  (is that a verb?) animals ranging from moose (meese?) to ostriches to armadillos. And outside there was a gigantic playground featuring a train car and an old fire truck to explore. The fire truck was by far Javan’s favorite.

Thursday, there was no scheduled field trip, so while the rest of his class was at school enjoying a movie day, we were able to meet our homeschool friends at the park! Just like old times. I’ve missed those park days so much. Missed seeing him play and visit with friends. Most of all, missed visiting with my awesome homeschool mommy friends. But I realized that I don’t actually miss homeschooling. I miss the way homeschooling was for us in the beginning, when there was happy cooperation and an element of success and progress. But I don’t miss what homeschooling had become for us – the constant fighting and inability to progress. My wonderful friends- especially you, Q♡ – have helped me realize that it’s ok to want, ask for, and accept help from the school. It’s ok not to do everything by myself.

Friday’s field trip was a great big field day, but like way cooler than the boring field days I remember from my school days. They had a drink tent, a cookie tent, face painting, and carnival games in addition to all the normal races and stuff. Unfortunately, Javan didn’t get to participate in any of the fun. He was excited for the event until we were about halfway there, when he suddenly decided that field day was a very bad idea. So strong was his desire to turn around and go home that he punched me in the back and pulled my hair while I was driving on the interstate in an attempt to get me to take him home. Not only did I not want him to learn that his strategy would work, but we were also almost all the way there, so I continued on. That was a mistake. His behavior continued to devolve while there and within ten minutes we were back in the car headed home in even worse moods than before. Well, you win some, you lose some. And we actually won more days than we lost, so I’m claiming field trip week as a success.

Yesterday, we got to spend some time with his Aunt, Uncle, and little cousin. We met at Javan’s favorite Mexican restaurant and the cousins were so very sweet together. Addison, who is 3, looks like a tiny prinecess next to my big 9 year old boy. Seeing them loving and laughing together blessed my heart. He wanted to take her on a tour of the upstairs portion of the restaurant, and since it wasn’t crowded I followed them on their tour while we waited for our food. He showed her his favorite floor to ceiling window and she was just so excited to be “up in the trees.” Then he showed her the two large party rooms for businesses and such. The first one had lots of round tables with nice white table cloths and he told her, “This is a Mexico ball room.” The second room is decorated with giant metal sombreros and he told her, “This is a Mexico birthday room.” I did not laugh. Out loud.

After our meal, we went to the park to run, play, and generally enjoy ourselves. At one point, Javan was practicing his swordsmanship by slicing at a tree with a stick. Addison wanted to play too, so he got her a stick and she hit a tree too, but couldn’t exactly figure out the point of this exercise. She noticed they were knocking moss off the trees, so she figured the point of the game was to clean the “grass” off the trees. She’s so sweet I couldn’t just eat her up.

As much as he loves her and says she’s his favorite cousin (of course, he says his other cousins are his favorites too), that was all of the high energy three year old he could take for the day. Now it’s a new day and we’re ready to have more cousin time! We’re having a picnic at a different park and then they’ll head back out of town. I love having family close enough to do these fun weekend visits.

Until next time, ya’ll cross your fingers and toes for a good school week!


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    May 15, 2016 @ 17:17:34

    So glad that you are all well from the flu! God bless you all!


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