Javan’s First “Summer School” Day

What a great day! Well, besides the fact that my allergies are actually trying to kill me. Luckily, I have an appointment with the allergy specialist tomorrow so they can work their yearly magic on me.

Javan had school today, one of ten school days spread over the summer to keep school a normal part of his routine. Mrs. Teacher emailed last night telling him how much she was looking forward to seeing him today. She even called him this morning before the bus arrived and they talked about what a great day they’d have! She is one in a million. We are so very lucky to have her.

This morning was the first time they picked him up in a real school bus. He was happy all morning and super excited to see his teachers and friends, telling me how much he loved and missed them. I expected the usual, that he would change his mind about being cooperative right around the time the bus arrived. But that’s not what happened. The bus pulled up, he grabbed his lunch box, and walked out to meet them. He got a little apprehensive about actually entering the massive yellow beast, but he was easily persuaded by the aide and bus driver. He chose a seat near the back where the aide joined him. As I waived cheerfully and blew kisses, his little face looked back at me with wide eyes and a fearful look, but I knew he’d soon adjust to the feeling of riding in the big bus.


Bye, Javan! Have a great day!

He stayed at school for 4 hours without incident! I wasn’t sure if he’d actually make it that long, since his typical school day has been only 2 hours, but he pulled through like a champ. When the bus pulled up after school, he was all smiles. He brought me up into the bus to show me this special poster that he and his fabulous aide made together:


Then he hugged his aide and bus driver and headed into the house happy and full of energy. He brought home this cool  inflatable fish:


And this behavior report:


He was so proud to show me that he did SO good at school that he deserved TWO days’ worth of smiley faces and stickers! Way to go, kiddo! We’re so proud of you!

I don’t know much about what they actually did at school as it can be difficult for him to think through and tell me about his day, but he did tell me they played Legos and lots of fun stuff and that he loved it and is excited to go back tomorrow. He told me he was the only kid on the bus and that there were only him and two other students in the classroom and that made him feel like a cool spy in the Batcave because there was so much room.

This afternoon, we had a man come out from the septic company to work on a blocked pump or something like that, and while Javan did act as “my guard” since Dad was at work and even went so far as to ask the man for his identification, he was ultimately able to understand that the man was there as a helper and not a threat and he was very friendly. He acted like such a little gentleman, offering to show the man where our septic system was in the back yard.

Javan wanted to be outside while the man was there, so we hung out in the shade of the carport while Javan chisled and hammered at his “archeology rocks.” Well, actually he had started chisling at our porch railing with a screw driver, so I redirected that energy toward the rocks instead. Mrs. Behavior has taught me to try and see why he’s doing a “bad” behavior (like destroying the hand rail), and instead of gerting angry or punishing, figure out what his body or mind is getting out of the activity he’s doing and then create a better activity that meets that same need. I don’t always do that perfectly or even well, but it’s a mentality I’m trying to grow. And after breaking up rocks for a while, he’s gone back to wanting to be an archeologist when he grows up, as long as he can find diamonds and gold and get famous and have loads of money. I guess we’ll see about that.


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