Introducing My New Writing Partner

It’s been over two months since I’ve written. I’ve thought about you,  my dear readers, often during my hiatus  and my fingers have itched to write daily, my mind screaming with thoughts that desperately wanted to be poured out on the page, but there was a war brewing within me, a war that wouldn’t allow me to write in good conscience, a war that finally today, was won.

This war was between two very different parts of myself, battling for dominance. One part is the part of me that wants to be ultra transparent with the world. The part that wants to share our story out loud in hopes that others experiencing similar situations might be given hope and at the very least feel less alone in this often isolating walk of life. The other part of me is the part that’s coming to realise that my little boy is growing up. He’s 10 now. He has thoughts of his own on which parts of his life should be shared and which parts should be guarded. He has his own privacy needs and I want to respect those as his mother. Ultimately, I was being torn between bringing hope and awareness to others or protecting my son’s privacy. When I finally boiled it down clearly to those two options, my decision became clear as well. I chose my son. I will always choose him.

So today I decided I’d pass the buck to him. I’d let him decide which direction my blog would take or even if I would cease writing about my parenting journey altogether. I brought up the topic of my writing and told him how I was feeling about stepping on his privacy. I reminded him why I write: so that other parents who are given a child that God put extra time and effort into can learn from our experiences. But I also made it very clear that if me writing about and sharing things like how yesterday he intentionally flooded our large, carpeted bathroom in hopes of creating a splash pad environment in our home would embarrass him or if he’d rather those stories just not be shared, that I would gladly accept and respect his need for privacy and not write about those things. I was blown away by his response. Not only does he want me to continue writing with transparency, he’s agreed to join me in writing from his perspective as well! He wants to help parents and families be successful. He wants to help the world understand his special mind so that others like him can be better understood as well. He even hopes that someday we can publish a book together.

I can’t tell you how very excited I am to have my son as my new writing partner! Our next blog will be introducing him as a writer. Soon, we hope to do a monthly question and answer time with him, so start writing down any questions you have for him! And please share our blog so that he can share his story with as many people as possible.

Until next time! Take care of yourselves.


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