Hospital Stay #6, Day 3

I didn’t hear from the doctor today so I’m disappointed about that, but I did just get a call from my sweet boy. He tells me he had good behavior today and did everything he was supposed to do. But he’s getting bored and also says none of what he’s doing is helpful for him. He told me he didn’t see his doctor today, but that could just be confusion. He’s completely convinced himself that the doctor and nurses are telling him that he gets to come home tomorrow, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I cannot get him to realize he’s not coming home tomorrow. So I expect him to be severely disappointed after visitation tomorrow night when we leave without him.

As for me, I feel completely useless today. I’m surrounded by mountains of chores that I can barely bring myself to touch. I’ve taken out the trash and thrown some laundry in the wash, little stuff like that. But there’s so much to be done and so little time until he comes home.

I wish I could find some energy and motivation.


Update: Okay, so I just got a call from the hospital psychiatrist who was sitting and chatting with my Javan. He says Javan is still telling him he’s getting better by the minute and keeps pushing to come home tomorrow  (Friday). The hospital psychiatrist did contact Javan’s regular psychiatrist and they decided that the hospital psychiatrist would target Javan’s paranoia and psychotic symptoms while at the hospital and leave the mood swings for the regular psychiatrist to handle after discharge.

He told Javan that since they’re changing medications, he would need to stay in the hospital until Monday even though he’s getting better by the minute and that he would have to get better by the second to be able to come home tomorrow. Javan told him he could get better by the second and that he just hasn’t taken it to that advanced level yet. The psychiatrist cracked up at that and told me Javan should go into sales because he could sell refrigerators in the North Pole.

He explained to me that he doesn’t think they’re going to see any problem behaviors from Javan in the structured setting that the hospital provides. The real test will be to see how he does at home after discharge when he’s in less structured environments and being asked to do things outside his comfort zone (like go to school). I really, really hope the medication changes and adjustments are for the better.


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