Hospital Stay #6, Days 4-5

Javan had two more great behavior days at the hospital. When he called us yesterday evening before visitation, he was very excited to tell me that he had made me a really good surprise. When we arrived at visitation, he gave us big hugs, brought us each a cup of ice water (he loves to serve us when we’re there like we’re his guests), and told me to close my eyes so he could get my surprise. Moments later, he placed this beautiful necklace over my head:


He told me how hard he’d worked on it and how he’d picked out the special beads just for me. He was super proud that he spelled ‘Mom’ on it for me. I’ll keep it always.

We were then going to play a game of Pokemon, which he’d requested we bring to play, but soon discovered that I’d brought the wrong cards and we couldn’t play. Oops. He wasn’t too upset about it though, especially since I’d brought backup games. We played several rounds of UNO, a family favorite of ours. It was good to laugh together again.

He pointed out his roommate to us, a cute little 8 year old boy. At one point I heard his roommate laugh loudly and say,  “hahahaha, I farted!” We got a good chuckle out of that because, let’s face it, farts are just funny. He also pointed out a nine year old little girl from his floor who he has a crush on. He would look over at her every so often and just blush so red. We actually had to switch seating arrangements so he would be facing away from her because he found her beauty so distracting.

He talked a little bit about his group therapy and told us he’s been trying his best to participate and learn from those sessions. I do believe he’s telling the truth. This is the first time he’s really applied himself in therapy and the therapist there is urging us to try outside therapy again now that he’s participating more. Maybe play therapy or something.

He told us that that day’s therapy session had been all about boundaries like not getting too close to people when you talk and not touching on private areas. I said, “So you mostly learned about body boundaries?” He replied, “Physical boundaries…non-physical boundaries…you name it.” Well, excuse me for trying to use kid language, kind Sir! I was really impressed with his answer. This therapist must be amazing and I wish I could just put her in my purse and take her home with me.

He then let me hold him on my lap and read him a bedtime story, a favorite Winnie the Pooh book that makes him giggle, and I didn’t even care that his weight was killing my leg. He’s my little boy, and he wanted to be held and by golly, I was gonna hold him. But then it was time for him to go back up to his floor and that didn’t go so well this time. He fought and stole my glasses and pulled my shirt. I may have flashed a male nurse, I’m not quite sure. Stealing and holding or throwing my glasses has become a daily hobby for him at home. It’s very effective because I’m as blind as a bat without them. So tonight I bought this, ahem, lovely piece of eyeglass jewelry that I don’t really want to wear, but maybe it will help:


This evening’s phone call started with a heaping hunk of sarcasm from a very bored Javan. “So how was today?” I asked enthusiastically. “AWESOME!” came his reply, dripping with such obvious sarcasm that I couldn’t fully stifle my laugh. He’s just really bored, although he did tell me he’d started in on the Pokemon coloring pages Daddy was so sweet to print and bring him. He couldn’t remember what they’d done in group, but I told him that’s ok, sometimes we just don’t remember.

After we’d talked about nothing in particular for a while, I started to say goodbye because they only get about 5 minutes maximum a piece for daily phone calls. But he didn’t want to let me go. When I explained that the other kids needed to call their moms too, he said, “Who cares?” So a tiny bit of anger is coming back, but he’s going through a lot of medicine changes so he’s still doing very well.

He still didn’t want to say good bye, telling me, “because I just need you.” I told him, “I know,  Honey. I need you, too. But I’ll get to see you tomorrow afternoon for our family therapy session and again tomorrow night for visitation and then you get to come home the very next day. We only need to be brave for a little while longer.” He thought about it only for a second before he said with renewed determination,  “Deal. Bye.”

I’m so, so proud of the progress he’s made over the last week. He’s really putting his best effort into healing and recovery. He’s trying harder than I’ve ever seen him try before. I miss him so very much that my heart aches. But I only have to be brave for a little while longer.


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  1. Velma Beale
    Sep 18, 2016 @ 11:07:46

    Hang in there. He and you are doing great! Best wishes.


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