Hospital Stay #6, Release Day and First Day Home!

Javan came home yesterday afternoon! At the hospital, we were brought up to his floor into a little room to do discharge paperwork with the nurse, but he obviously knew we were there and was being so loud about it that she went ahead and brought him in too. He was very happy and excited to be going home of course. He didn’t get any new diagnoses while he was there, thank goodness, because he has enough of them. His medicines have changed and he’s now taking Latuda and Haldol for psychosis, Trileptal for mood regulation, and Propanolol for impulsivity. The Haldol has been decreased to half the dose he was on before being hospitalized, since we’re now trying it in conjunction with the unfortunately very pricey Latuda. Since the Haldol is likely the reason he’s had such slurred speech over the past year, his speech could hopefully improve in clarity due to the decreased dose. He’s now also completely off the Cogentin that he was taking to decrease the risk of developing tardive dyskinesia as a result of the high dose of Haldol. If you’re confused at this point about medicine details, don’t worry about it. I only include the details in case they could possibly help another family’s child.

The discharge papers include a copy of his individual wellness and recovery plan that he worked with the therapist to create.

The plan describes triggers as “people, places, and events that make you return to old behaviors or ways of dealing with things that put you at risk for relapse.” He said in the plan that three of his triggers are people in his personal space, Gremlins in the movie, and time out.

The plan describes warning signs as “emotional and physical responses to triggers.” Javan’s three listed warning signs are making a fist, frowning, and hitting things with his fist.

The plan then goes on to talk about paying attention and says that “knowing what to do when experiencing triggers and warning signs are (is…they mean is) the key to avoiding a crisis and staying safe.” It then asks the patient what they will do to calm down and manage their feelings. Javan responded that he will swing in a hammock, get cuddles, and take deep breaths.

Finally, the plan introduces the idea of having a support system of people who can “provide comfort and assisstance when you recognize your warning signs.” He listed Mom and Dad, Grammy and Terry, and Weebo and Pops as his top three support system components. He even signed his wellness and recovery plan at the bottom:


He also brought in an entire folder of drawings and coloring pages and excitedly showed us each one. There were two really special Pokemon coloring pages that he worked extra hard on to give to Uncle CJ for his birthday, but like a dope I forgot to take pictures of those two. Here are some the other Pokemon coloring pages he did for us:


Ash and Squirtle


Sandshrew and Starmie


Misty and Psyduck


Wigglytuff and Mew


Piagey and Dratini

I would just like to add that I knew all the names of those Pokemon by myself. *takes bow*

He also did this drawing of what he dramatically called “the monster within him:”


The Monster Within

The three circles at the top represent his three main emotions: sadness, anger, and happiness. I’m not sure he mentioned the blue circle in the middle. I’ll have to ask him about that.

He told his therapist during our family session that he never sleeps, but that he turns into a monster at night and goes around town helping people who are in trouble and fighting bad guys and stuff. Apparently he thought a lot about that, because he drew us a picture of the monster he turns into every night:


Night Monster Vigilante

And here is a picture of the mind control robot he built and the people who’s minds he’s controlling:


Mind Control

And here’s more people under mind control:


Mind Controlled

And, finally, all the mind controlled sea-life of Bikini Bottom:


More Mind Control

When we were all finished with paperwork and ready to bust on outta there, he went over to the nurses’ desk to give goodbye hugs, and lo and behold his hospital psychiatrist was sitting there doing paperwork. We actually got to meet his hospital psychiatrist in person. And he was sitting doing work like a regular person in a common area where he could observe the children on the floor. He was not, like other hospital doctors are want to do, hiding away in some kingly hidey-hole pretending to be God. I  gave him a hug (mostly to make sure he was real, not because I’m prone to hugging everyone…yes I am) and told him how amazing he was and how much we appreciated him building such a great relationship with our son. He said Javan is a great kid who “likes to count his chickens before they’re hatched.” As a parting gift to Javan, he sang him this song that he’d made up himself, complete with bass-beating on the counter between lines:

“If you smoke the Marijuana *BOOM, boom boom boom*

You’ll get in trouble with your Mama *BOOM, boom boom boom*

If you smoke the Marijuana *BOOM, boom boom boom*

You’re gonna stink just like a llama *BOOM, boom boom boom

I can’t tell you how much he’s my favorite. So much.

We left the hospital and went to his aunt and uncle’s house, where his four year old little cousin gave him the most adorable kiddy tour of their beautiful new house. We gave Uncle CJ his birthday present and Javan presented him with the coloring pages he’d worked extra hard on. Then we went out for a birthday dinner and Javan did fantastic the whole meal. It was even pretty loud in there, but he did great. When we left the restaurant, it was time for the long drive home which, thankfully, passed uneventfully. Weebo and a Pops met us at home with our doggies, who they’d gracious doggy-sat while we were away. We all put Javan to bed and he fell asleep snuggling his Rosco puppy.

He tried to wake up at 6:30 this morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed, but there wasn’t anything bright about me after that late night so I had him crawl in my bed where we slept until 9. He then had a fantastic day at home. We watched Kung Fu Panda 3, which he’d seen in the hospital and was dying to show me. He warned me beforehand in his best parent voice, “Now the bad guy IS kind of scary. You’re going to need some cuddles in case you get scared and if you get too scared we can turn it off, ok?” I didn’t argue with the cuddles.

After the movie, we had lunch and then Grammy came over to visit. Those two missed each other so much. We went out and did a little shopping and grabbed some groceries. He did fantastic the whole time we were out, used his manners, and greeted others in a friendly manner. When we got back home and Grammy had to leave, he didn’t want her to go and asked her to stay, but he didn’t cry or grab her purse or clothes or try to stop her from leaving like he normally would have. He was able to let her go.

This evening we just relaxed at home. He had a bath with TONS of toys in it, so many that it was hard for him to sit down in the tub. I guess he missed that while he was away. While he bathed, we had this interesting conversation:

Mom: Did you wash your hair a lot when you were in the hospital?

Javan: Yes. But it didn’t help much, because I couldn’t open the soap.

Mom: Why didn’t you ask for help?

Javan: Well, it turned out to be toothpaste anyway.

Mom: Then what did you wash with? Just water?

Javan: No. Deodorant.

Mom: You used the deodorant like soap? And shampoo?

Javan: Yep.

I just. I mean. How? Huh.

Other than having some pain from heart burn, which he’s been having a lot of lately, he went to bed easily and happily. He says he’s ready to go back to school in the morning and do his best there. I sure hope he is right. I’m a little nervous about getting him out the door and on the bus in the morning, but so far so good so I’m hoping for the best. Speaking of school, I’d better go pack his lunch.

P.S. I did ask him if he’d blog about what it was like in the hospital, but he said it would be “too embarrassing.” His timing is his own, and he’s not ready yet, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if at some random point in the future he suddenly asks to write about his experience there.


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  1. Carol L. Urazoff
    Sep 23, 2016 @ 16:12:32

    We love you and pray for Javen every morning.


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