Back to School

Well…this morning didn’t go so well. I was really hoping it would. He did fine getting up, getting dressed, taking meds, eating breakfast, etc. But when it was time to go out to wait for the car, he lost it.

We went outside and he found a hammer, which he swung at me. Yes, the tools are going away. Then he ran back inside, ran to his room, and sat in front of the door so I couldn’t get in. I called his dad home at that point. I told Javan that I was going to call his doctor at the hospital and ask what we should do and if he should just come back in. He came out of his room and found a kitchen spatula to hurl at me before going outside, where he was continually trying to get back in. My blocking him earned me a kick in the leg, a punch in the boob, and a near bite on the shoulder.

He had grabbed a pair of goggles on his way out of the house and said he was wearing them so he wouldn’t get any blood in his eyes. He said he wished he had a knife, but would have to make do with old fashioned weapons.  When the bus (car) arrived, he wouldn’t go anywhere near it until the bus driver told him they got him a surprise in the back seat. When he saw that the surprise was Mr. Driver from last year, back from sick leave at long last, he climbed right in happily and off they went. Dad pulled up right after they left. It’s anyone’s guess what kind of school day he’ll have.


Wasn’t expecting this:


He had an excelleny day at school. That was a pleasant surprise. And the aide said when they dropped him off that he even gets to bring his backpack back to school tomorrow. He told me his school day felt like it lasted five seconds. He told me he played a game on the computer where he made pizzas. On the first pizza, he put all the ingredients like mushrooms, meat, red sauce, and green sauce. He called it an Everything Pizza. Then his next two pizzas were just crust. He thought that was funny. His teacher also made him promise to be nice to me. Thanks, Mrs. Teacher!


The afternoon and the evening so far have been pretty hellacious. I don’t even have the mental or emotional energy to write down the events of the day. I just hope it gets better tomorrow. Something’s gotta give.


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