One Sick Boy

So, I think Javan did not do well Thursday at school, but then did excellent again Friday. I can’t remember clearly and I’m too tired to get up and find the paper to verify. Javan woke up slightly sick Saturday morning and it’s been a rough go of it since then.

Saturday was his Pops’ birthday and we had plans to visit a nearby drive-through safari. I really didn’t want Javan to miss it and he was only barely running a fever and coughing some, so we decided to go ahead with plans as schedule. Like I said, it was a drive-through experience, so not much physical exertion would be required. He absolutely loved the safari. He fed and petted so many animals from the car window that I lost count. Deer, exotic cows, zebras, emus, miniature donkeys, you name it. He even got to pet a camel while Weebo fed *and kissed* it.

Afterwards we went out to lunch at a Cotton Patch Cafe, and that’s when his sickness started going downhill fast. He felt so terrible that he couldn’t eat anything and just sat next to me and practically lay on me the whole meal. With every we second that passed, he looked more and more like a red faced zombie, all sleepy eyed and limp. He stopped talking, not even responding to questions asked of him, but just staring at me like he was trying to puzzle out a foreign language.

I can’t remember if the vomiting started Saturday night or Sunday night. Everything is just kind of a blur of bringing drinks, convincing him to eat, giving medicine, doing laundry, dishes, etc. With the cough and vomiting, none of us are sleeping through the night at all, but we did enjoy a three and a half hour nap this afternoon.

He, of course, missed school yesterday and I’ll keep him home tomorrow. After missing so much school from being in the hospital, I hate for him to miss more, but there’s not much I can do about that. And now, it’s almost his, and maybe my, bedtime. Good night and stay well!


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