Hospital Stay #7, Day 5

We got a call from Javan this evening. He was extremely distraught because he’d just found out it was visitation night and we weren’t coming to visit. We’d told him we’d be back to visit Wednesday, but I never thought to explicitly state that we would not be there today. Poor thing. He did tell us that they were watching a movie where robots battled, but that it had too much fighting for him. He also admitted (not very guiltily either) that he’s not showering, brushing his teeth, or going poop while he’s there. I told him they have a poop-digging hospital right around the corner, and we really don’t want to take him there because he gets impacted. He’s had that done two or three times now and he still thinks it’s a good idea to hold it in? Ay caramba.

We also were able to speak to his hospital doctor, who mentioned that Javan’s been very angry and has had several incidents of “social inappropriateness” with his peers today. I didn’t even ask. The doctor was back to his typical congenial attitude, so Friday was probably just a bad day for him (we all have them) or I was misreading the situation (I might be, ahem, a tad bit over-sensitive at times). I grabbed the bull by the horns and told him about my desire to take Javan off all his meds and try CBD oil in their stead. He asked what CBD stands for, and when I said cannabidiol, I could literally hear his eyebrows fly up.

“Cabbibid? As in…cannabis?”

“Yes…but-I’m-not-crazy, it’s-not-Marijuana, it’s-not-mind-altering, and-it’s-legal-in-all-50-states!” I rushed to defend myself.

He started by stating that they can’t give him that at the hospital, but when I told him it’s classified as a nutritional supplement and asked if they could give it to him if I brought it there, he said yes! He actually agreed to research it with me AND to discuss it with Javan’s regular psychiatrist tomorrow. (Note to self, give regular psychiatrist a heads up in the morning so he doesn’t think I’m giving my kid the Mary Jane.)

Now, the next step is actually getting my hands on some CBD (cannibidiol) capsules before Wednesday. All I’ve found locally is a spray that you spray in your mouth, and he ain’t gonna go for that. I found some capsules online, and it’s expensive, but I will find a way. The only problem us, it wouldn’t get here on time. So, friends-who-live-in-the-Dallas-area, if you know of any places that typically have weird natural hippie stuff, and you wouldn’t mind giving them a call or even just telling me who to call, we’re going to find this stuff by Wednesday!

I know it’s grasping at straws. I know it probably won’t work. I know it’s dangerous to get my hopes up. But I can’t help but get excited anyway. Can you imagine? A natural supplement that could help Javan be his best self and not give him all the awful side effects of medication?

That would be Paradise.


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  1. Joanne Reagan
    Oct 24, 2016 @ 23:56:05

    That would be paradise indeed. And a blessing from God. I hope you are able to find some and i hope they will allow javan to use that type therapy while in the hospital so he can get off all those strung out meds and be monitored. Its a real struggle when you want to try natural and doctors are too hung up on harsh and traditional. Poor javan. He doesnt want to be on this awful roller coaster either. I hope he can be weaned off of one and slowly adjust to the other. Krista, i pray that you and japheth can take your boy home and that you can have less turmoil filled lives. God Bless You. And uncle bass says goodnight and he loves you. We both love you. Stay strong.


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