Hospital Day #7, Days 6-7

What a BUSY two days it’s been! I spent all morning yesterday calling every place Google could find that could possibly have CBD pills for Javan. I found CBD mouth sprays, nose inhale sticks, lotions, lozenges, and even macaroni and cheese (and brownies of course, lol). Aside from the edibles, there ain’t no way under the sun my kid’s gonna put up with any of those options, and I don’t think I could convince the hospital to give him CBD brownies.  After five hours on the phone (plus at least an hour on the phone the night before), I found a bottle in a tiny vitamin shop about 45 minutes from my house! You bet your bottom dollar I was there in a flash. It didn’t contain the level of CBD I was hoping to obtain, but it was better than paying a $70 overnight shipping fee so that I could get it to him at visitation tonight.

Then my husband and I met for lunch with the school’s behavior specialist and behavior therapist. They asked questions and listened to what our challenges have been and offered so many helpful suggestions that I really think may help with some of Javan’s school aversion. Not just stuff we could do at home, not even mostly that because I think they know we’re overwhelmed right now, but also lots of things they could try at school to help.

One idea they had that I really hope they can implement was getting a set of play money and paying him for things he does well: getting on the bus nicely, getting to school safely, walking to his classroom on his own, doing his work, being nice to peers, etc. Then he could buy “prizes” with his money. Not necessarily tangible items, but things like paying to have lunch with a favorite person from the school (get ready, Mrs. Principal) or paying to get to go outside and swing for five minutes. My kid is very money motivated (remember last week when he knocked out a not loose tooth for tooth fairy money?) and he’s very motivated by spending indivifual time with people he loves, so I think that idea could really help!

When Javan called us last night, he sounded so spectacularly good. He sounded happy and present. He didn’t beg for us to take him home or tell us stories about how he was being mistreated there. He told us all about his new “roommate slash best friend.” (That’s how he refers to him every time he talks about him.) So this roommate slash best friend apparently builds nanobots with his brother. One ofnanobots recently exploded and caught a shed on fire. In the explosion, the chip from the nanobot went into their sister’s brain through and the doctors had to pull it out through her ear. Then his roommate slash best friend built a whole army if nanobots. I wonder if he really does have a new roommate.

Then he told me they were currently watching “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” on TV and that he really liked it and wanted to watch it with me when he comes home. But then he thought better of it because he said there was a scene that showed a girl’s boobies. I could hear the head nurse clearly stating in the background that there had been no booby showing.

He told us that he had gone to the gym that day, but that he’d had to sit out twice for things that he didn’t know were bad. Once was for sitting underneath the basketball goal and once was for trying to build a castle out of balls. He probably didn’t really have to sit out for that stuff, he’s just confused.

He also told us that therapy went good, but that he didn’t remember what he’d learned. And he said he didn’t get to see the doctor, which I don’t think is true, he probably just didn’t remember. And he said he took a shower with soap and went poop, yay!

This morning, I attended a parenting class hosted by my son’s school. The behavior therapist from lunch yesterday was there and she is just the sweetest, most empathetic and encouraging lady. And she really knows her stuff too. The class was put on by a lady with Presbyterian Children’s Ministries who taught us about TBRI (trust based relationship intervention) therapy. We watched this video giving us a brief overview of what TBRI can look like and why some kids need it. The video focuses mainly on adopted and foster kids, which doesn’t fit our situation, but the therapy still looked like it could a perfect fit for our kiddo and family. Especially since it’s being offered free to us right now! I was like, “Oh, I’m IN!” And the lady was like, “Wouldn’t you like to talk it over with your husband first?” And I really wanted to say, “No. Are you kidding me? FREE therapy that looks like it will really help!?” But I said, “Oh, yeah, good idea. I’ll show him the video and get back with you about it.” Uh, yeah, we’re in.

I called up at the nurse’s station around noon today just to see how he was doing and to ask the doctor to call me back about starting the CBD. The nurse said, in her opinion, that Javan’s doing even better right now than he did on his last visit and that he seems much calmer, if a little withdrawn. She said he participated well in group therapy, but he insisted on leaving therapy early which isn’t something he usually does.

Javan called us again tonight and again he sounded wonderful. Two days in a row. With no medication whatsoever. Well, except for an acid reflux medication, but that doesn’t really count right now. Ya’ll, this child has not been completely off of psychiatric medication for six years. Since he was four and a half. We’ve tried to take him off of everything two or three times over the years, but his mood and behaviors would not allow for it. I really, really hope that this lasts.

The hospital doctor also called us this evening and he had contacted the hospital director about putting Javan on CBD oil. Unfortunately, because it’s not FDA approved, the hospital director could not allow it to be administered while he’s under their care. Bist since Javan’s been doing so well, we’re really wondering if we need to introduce the CBD oil at all. If it seems like a good idea once he’s home, we have it on hand now.

Visitation tonight was a wonderful confirmation of how well he’s doing. He physically looked good: good color in his cheeks, bright eyed, no dark circles under his eyes, hasn’t been biting hinself,  looks clean, etc. He has been chewing up the insides of his lips, which probably points to some anxiety. He came in happy and remained joyful and talkative the whole time. Not overly talkative; just right talkative. He played three rounds of 40 card Pokemon. He lost to Dad, then he beat Dad, then beat me. He was focused on the game the whole time and even corrected us a few times when we made gaming mistakes. He trash talked in jest and laughed a ton and he was our sweet, energetic, fun-filed little boy.

He got extremely sad when we got our 5 minute warming that it was about time for us to leave. He burst into tears and was just so sad that we couldn’t stay or even tuck him in. One of his favorite nurses offered to tuck him in, but Javan said it just wouldn’t be the same. I still thought it was a very sweet gesture for him to offer to tuck our sweet boy in. Javan let us sing him a good night song: the theme song from the Winnie the Pooh movie. He didn’t do as well tonight when it was actually time for us to leave. He refused to go back to his unit and was having to be physically blocked from chasing after us as we left.

And guess who was blocking him? A former NFL player! We have known the Head Nurse, Mr. Curtis, for over a year now and never had any idea that he’s played cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, and the Washington Redskins. Talk about someone who’s qualified to physically block my ten year old!

Here is a link to Mr. Curtis’s Wikipedia page if you’d like to look more into his NFL career. He gave me permission to share his name and information, which I’m including because it’s super freaking cool.

And with that, I bid you all good night!


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