First Night Home

This will be short and sweet, and hopefully coherent. I’m utterly exhausted, and exquisitely happy, listening to my boy sing himself (hopefully) to sleep with My Little Pony songs while I sit up for a bit to make sure he can rest before I go to bed. I’m not quite sure the way he’s belting out those songs at top volume is conducive to sleep.

We picked him up around 5:00 this evening (four and a half hours ago) and he has quite literally talked the entire time since then. Here is our first family picture all back together again, taken in the parking lot of the hospital.


All pictures are shared with is permission, as always .

Even before we walked out of the hospital doors, he presented us so lovingly with these bracelets he’d made just for us:


He’s extremely happy and extremely hyper. He’s making grand plans to construct a real metal suit if armor for Halloween next year, and wants Daddy and PawPaw to help him weld the pieces. And he wants  to start tomorrow. Oh, and the whole thing has to be spray painted black. I would say he’s probably slightly manic, but as long as he’s happy and not hurting anyone, it’s all good.

I didn’t know if he’d be released today or Monday, so I bought a tub of pre-made cookie dough to toss in the oven whenever he got home so we could celebrate with treats. Here are our “Javan is home” slightly burnt party cookies:


And here is a picture of a sweet boy-dog reunion, taken and shared per Javan’s request:


Javan is looking forward to carving pumpkins tomorrow and visiting a Halloween event or two. And he’s really, really hoping to get to see Weebo and Pops, too. (Hint, hint, Weebo and Pops. I’m sure we’ll be stopping by.)

Thank you you every single one of you who’s prayed for Javan and our family, given us gas money for the long drives, met us for lunch or distracted us with goofy memes and bitmojis, encouraged us and refused to let us second guess ourselves , and loved us in a hundred different tiny ways. You are our village and we love you.


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