Hospital Stay #7, Days 8-9

Not much news from the hospital these last two days, which means he must be doing pretty good.

Javan called last night and sounded great. He said he dribbled the basketball in the gym, but he thinks he sucks at it and wants Daddy to teach him to dribble better. He’s super proud that he’s doing well without taking any medicine. I’m super proud of him too, but I intend to make sure he knows how proud he should be of taking medicines if he needs them, too. Those are both things to take pride in.

I just got the call from the hospital that he’s being released! We’re on our way to pick him up right now! I’m still just in awe that he’s been able to do five days medication free . I hope he can do so well out here in the real world with all the extra transitions, expectations, and sensory stimuli. And we have the CBD oil on hand if we need to try that.

I’m glad  he’s being  released on a Friday and can have he weekend to relax and reacclimate before going back to school. And I’m so happy that he won’t be spending Halloween in the hospital.



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