Face Planting, Trap Setting, Melting Hearts and Taking Names

One month. No meds. That’s a miracle, ya’ll. Regardless of whether things are going perfectly (they’re not), that’s a huge freaking miracle.

I know he started Guanfacine, but because we started it due to a physical reason (motor tics), I’m not counting it as a psych med. I know  it can have anti-psychotic effects, but if a person taking it to lower blood pressure would not be said to be taking anti-psychotic meds, then I won’t say that about a person taking it for motor tics either.

And about those tics…I have an unlikely theory that they are being caused by the CBD. Every bit of research I’ve done, and I’ve done a lot, points to the conclusion that CBD should help with motor tics, not cause them. But looking back, it seems that Javan’s tics began within one week of starting CBD. So I feel like I need to look into it. Which is to say, I will be taking him off the CBD for an unspecified period of time to see if the tics get better or worse. If they get worse, I’ll know to put him back on the CBD straight away. If they get better, I can try decreasing his Guanfacine to see if we can take him off of that and have the tics stay gone. We had to double his Guanfacine last week because the tics were getting worse again, so if the tics get better while he’s off the CBD I can just decrease back to the starting dose and maybe then take him off of it altogether.

If his behavior gets out of hand while off the CBD, I honestly don’t know what I’ll do. I’ll have to decide whether to give him the CBD knowing that it could be causing his tics, or withhold the CBD knowing that it could keep him and us physically safe and keep him from being hospitalized. I guess it’ll depend on the severity of the behavior. These types of decisions never get old. (Just kidding. They totally do.)

He’s been doing ok since I last updated you. Just ok. No hospital behaviors or anything like that, but lots and lots of defiance and rudeness. Towards everyone – us, his teachers, therapists. Not all the time. Sometimes he does great. But the unpredictability is exhausting.

Last week, my mom and I took Javan on a field trip with our homeschool group to see Bill Blagg: The Science of Magic. I thought it was a really fun show, but Javan hated it and barely lasted the half hour I forced him to stay.

Just before the show started, he needed a bathroom break. To get back to the auditorium, we had to descend a slight ramp that ended with a wall in front and the auditorium doors to the right. Javan has always had difficulty walking downhill. It’s like he can’t put on the breaks, and gravity just speeds him up without his consent. Can you see where I’m going with this? The child face-planted into the wall at full force. Like one of those unfortunate hummingbirds in a Windex cimnercial. I ran down the ramp after him and picked him off the floor, inspecting him for damage and trying to quiet his cries. He’d hit his chin and knees pretty hard, but it didn’t bruise. This is a perfect example of dyspraxia, the extreme motor planning and coordination difficulties that often accompany autism.

Of course, Javan was ready to leave, but we hadn’t even seen the magician yet. I finally convinced him to go in and sit down. Well, the magician’s first tricks involved having the audience stare unblinkingly at a spinning wheel with black and white spirals on it. The kind bad guys use to hypnotize unsuspecting innocents on TV. So, Javan being his hyper-vigilant self got all kinds of perturbed and frantically insisted that none of us look at these wheel, lest we fall into the magician’s evil clutches. We didn’t look. But even after the wheel was safely tucked away, Javan never stopped complaining about the show’s lameness, so we left. And went to the zoo, which was blessedly empty of other visitors. The weather was perfect. We had a wonderful time. Day saved.

His hyper-vigilance lives on even at home. I discovered this week that black thread makes a startlingly efficient invisible trip wire. He set it up all through the kitchen, dining room, and living room, Entrapment style. He said we needed to increase security. I’m still finding black thread days later.

But his unlimited loving sweetness lives on as well. One of Javan’s favorite things about this time if year is getting Christmas toy catalogs in the mail and circling all the things he likes. Well, he presented me with this sweet gift that he’d spent the time to flip through page by page:


It’s a Helzburg Diamonds catalog that he’s labeled “Moms Crismis Boock!” (Mom’s Christmas Book!)

Here are a few of the pages:


He chose the tiara on the top left because I’m his princess. Do you hear that sound? That’s my heart melting. Then of course he circled the entire Pokemon jewelry collection and tons and tons of other collections. That boy. I love him to pieces.

Until next time, Friends.


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