Not-Even-Humble Bragging

Wow, guys, it has been an INCREDIBLE three months since my last update. Maybe the best we’ve ever had. 

When I left off, Javan’s schizophrenic symptoms were cresting, and we started him on the medication Seroquel. After three days of him being on that stuff, I called the doctor and said, “Help! This isn’t working! It’s making things so much worse!” To which the doctor responded, “Try giving him half a dose in the mornings in addition to what he’s already taking at night. If it gets worse, we’ll try something new.” Y’all, this right here is why it’s important to find a doctor you trust. If it had been a different doctor, I would have been all like, “Did you not hear me say it got worse? And you want me to give him more? Nah. Bye, Felicia.” But, this guy, this doctor has stuck with us through thick and thin and he knows his stuff and he knows my child. So we tried it. 

We could tell immediately that we’d found a for-now-magic-bullet. Javan is peaceful. He’s Happy. He’s himself. We’ve been doing an online school curriculum, since my traditional approach just wasn’t holding his attention, and he’s doing absolutely fabulously with it. I sit right with him and guide him through the activities and read the text aloud to him. And he just… complies. I say, “Its time for school and chores. Which do you want to do first today?” And nine times out of ten he says, “school,” sits down, grabs the mouse, and gets started without another word.  And say, seven times out of ten he does it with a good attitude. But it always gets done. And then most of the time when it’s time to move to chores, I find that he’s already made his bed the second he woke up. Who is this kid? 

He’s Javan, that’s who. The real Javan. The one he always wants to be. I hope he always remembers this is the real him. That when his behaviors are beyond his control, they aren’t what defines him. I hope I’m showing him that. 

He’s no longer afraid of baby germs, although he still prefers to avoid company of the youngish variety. Last week, I meet a new mom who joined our homeschool group at McDonalds, along with her precious two year old son and husband (and his service dog! Exiting!). Javan wasn’t in the best mood about being there, but his face never morphed from unhappy to mean or unfriendly, even toward the babies that climbed past him on the playground. They climbed past him,  y’all. And it was fine

Javan sat at his own table with his back to me and my new friends, shoulders hunched, refusing to take any part in this social nonsense. Until, Sam, the husband-dad-person with the service dog somehow engaged him in conversation while I was talking to the other mom. They talked pretty animatedly for quite some time about I don’t know what, but it doesn’t matter. When we left, Javan told me Sam was his friend. Those of you who’ve been following our story for a while know that Javan does not have nor want friends, and never uses the word friend in relation to himself. Ever. But this guy made it so far up the friends list that Javan even said he’d enjoy going to their home one day (we were invited) even with a two year old there. What? This is good stuff I tell ya. I really gotta follow through with this friendship thing before its forgotten. 

I’m not even done bragging yet, so grab some popcorn and buckle up. Just kidding, just kidding, I’m really trying to consolidate here. Guys, Javan had to have two adult molars pulled yesterday due to overcrowding. Basically there wasn’t going to be enough room for his canines to come in, so they would be forced to erupt way high up on his gum line above his other teeth. Since Javan is definitely not going to handle getting braces, pulling teeth was really the only option. I’ve been stressing about yesterday for over a month. We prepared him repeatedly, but of course were meet with negative responses. I mean, I like my teeth too, kid. I get it.

The dentist’s office was unable to put him under anesthesia, so he was awake during the whole nasty process. We were able to give him an Ativan prior to the procedure, which actually helped a ton, but he was by no means sedated. He was highly aware of everything that was happening. We brought his favorite “couch blanket” and covered him up, tucking and in nice and tight. And we brought Rosco, who just laid on the floor the whole time since the chair was pretty small (my kid isn’t exactly ‘pediatric dentist chair size’), but just knowing his best bud was there gave Javan comfort. Javan knocked the dentist’s hand out of the way only once, more out of reflex than opposition, and he immediately apologized. He really gave his all to do his best. And honestly I think he did way better than I would’ve. He didn’t even cry! The dentist was as amazed as we were at Javan’s complete cooperation and was like, “Whoa, maybe I outta start using Ativan in my practice more often!”

OK, OK, almost done bragging. I gotta slip in just one more brag and I ain’t even sorry. Javan went to Aldi grocery store with me today, the Saturday before Father’s Day. Not my best planning, I’ll admit. Crowded is an understatement. He wanted to push the cart and have me walk Rosco. He pushed the cart the entire time, and my list wasn’t small. I only had to remind him very few times not to crowd others with the cart. We were separated once, albeit barely, when I walked forward and another shopper pushed his cart between us. Javan did not react. He just waited until he could push up next to me again. Another shopper offered to pay a million and ten bucks for Rosco. Javan just said no. He didn’t act threatened or offended like he might have in the past. Due to the crowd, Javan realized (on his own, mind you) that he was in the way of a woman wanting to buy eggs. He opened the freezer door, grabbed a carton of eggs, and handed them to her like a perfect gentleman. Did I mention that this woman did not speak a word of English? Afterwards,  when I commended him on the interaction, he told me that he didn’t even realize until later that she hadn’t spoken English, he just understood by what her body did. He read her body language. Amazing!

Whew, that was fun! Thanks for enduring all my mom bragging. I’m so very proud of this kid. He accomplishes so many things that I wasn’t sure he ever would. Always, always on his own timeline. I’m learning to allow room in my expectations of the future for him to continue doing just that.


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  1. The Naumans
    Jun 18, 2017 @ 13:10:52

    OH.MY.WORD!! That is awesome. So thrilled for you guys…love it!
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