An Encouraging Note

A few weeks ago I had the honor of attending my oldest nephew’s high school graduation. My in-laws were so sweet to keep Javan so I could enjoy the ceremony, even though they already had plans to go to a  celebratory retirement dinner for a friend. We knew Javan had a higher chance of success at the restaurant with them than he would have had at the graduation with me, but they realized the possibility that they may have to leave the party early if things went south and they chose to risk it for me. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Apparently things went very north! While at the graduation, I was texted a picture of Javan standing with a circle of men just taking with the group and happily holding his own in conversation. It helped a ton that two of these guys just so happen to work with Javan’s daddy and Javan already knew and adored them all.

And Javan must have been pretty successfully visiting with new folks too, because a few days later my mom-in-law called to read me this precious card that her friend had sent her:

The note (shared with permission) reads: 

“Ken and Annie,

Thank you for coming to Kent’s celebration. I am specifically writing to thank you for bringing your grandson. I wish I knew his name. 

As I was conversing with him, I didn’t know his medical history. Those diagnoses also run strong in my family. 

His conversation bright joy to my heart. He reminded me so much if my Isaac at that age.

He is a tremendous thinker, deep in the world of his invention. With every intricate question I asked, he had an answer… lots of layers.

I was impressed that he could hold a conversation with an adult for so long.  All to say – keep up the good work as grandparents and parents. Many prayers go your way.

I have four sons and we have dealt with Bipolar and Asperger’s – all is amazing now. Hold strong. Persevere.”

Thanks for the encouragement! 


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